30: The Birthday Sweater

First off, I would like to thank everyone for the awesomely sweet comments that I’ve been getting here. You have made me realize how much I miss blog interaction and how rewarding it is to post here and receive your feedback. So, thank you!!

And now, the sweater!

2/365: Hello, 30's and The Birthday dress that wasn't


I am not wearing Vogue 8280 in these pcitures.

That was the birthday outfit of choice. But after a failed Built By Wendy shirt, I was gun (sew?) shy and never made it past cutting it out.

This sweater is more than awesome enough to make up for that 😉

Pattern: Francis Revisited
Yarn: Crystal Palace, Creme
Needles: Size 9 and 7’s for the collar. I never changed back to 9’s because I didn’t have them with me.
Love: A LOT!!!
This sweater fits like a glove!
It was a little snug pre blocking, but afterward it it draped like a dream. And grew a TON! Like so much that I was ready to try it on wet just to see how ruined it was.
But once it dried, it was fine. It was still much longer, but with the right jeans (non bulky in the waist) it looked great!

After blocking, I was worried that the shaping would be in a new location and would therefore look like ass, but it worked out great. I even included some hip shaping, which I will include in everything fitted from now on. It’s just enough. You know? To accent the hips not squeeze blood out of them 😉
This collar does not follow the directions at ALL. I didn’t have them with me and I didn’t want to waste the subway knitting time. It worked out just fine.

In other news, I finished 365 with a declaration of never doing it again. Only to miss it terribly, well my fellow flickr peeps anyway, and start again. On the eve of my 30th birthday. Who knows, the start date may be auspicious. This could be a truly eventful year that I will be grateful for documenting.

I will be back shortly with the Rhinebeck post!!! It was so great to see so many familiar faces in person. I was so overwhelmed and so happy. I can say, for certain, that I will no longer miss any opportunity to be amongst my knitters. I will hopefully see them all, and many more, at Maryland Sheep and Wool next year.


Even more after

At this rate, I may not have to buy new clothes this winter.


I am stunned at how this came together.
I was fearless because the shirt was free and unworn for over 10 years. I figured I would just cut it up for the fabric if I ruined it too much. This one was given to me in high school. At a time in my life when a huge mens shirt was my idea of heaven. And plaid, too. Let me have it!

In the end I only cut the bottom of the sleeves and the curved bottom edge.
Everything else was achieved with pin tucks. I took in the sleeves, but opted not to cut off the excess. The inside of this shirt is finished so beautifully. All french seams. I couldn’t bring myself to have it all raw and jagged inside. I just folded over the extra when making the new hem.


I have had this dress a loooooong time.
So long, in fact, that it is a size 4.
I have not been a size 4 since before I had Missy.
She will be 9 in March.

The funny (read-tragic) thing is, this dress was too big for me when I bought it! Which was why it has never, not even one time, been worn.

I have a hard time with dresses, especially shirt dresses, because my upper and lower halves are two very different sizes. As you can see this size 4 top is perfect, but the ‘before’ pic shows you that there was no hope of this EVER buttoning all the way again. Ever!

So, I chopped the sleeves.
Very carefully picked out both cuff seams.
Very carefully picked out the hem seam.
Spilt the side seams up to the fifth button from the top.
Split both sleeve pieces in two where they were already cut for the sleeve detail.
Sewed each set into two longer pieces.
Pinned the hell out those pieces into both side seam openings, tapering towards the top.
Sewed the bits in.
Made some adjustments.
Re-hemmed the bottom.
Made new sleeve hems.
Shortened button tabs and reattached to each sleeve.
Marvel at the fact that I have another dress to wear in my quest to look my age and pretend that I have style ;0)

Refashion Fevah

YIP10/8::361/365: After


What started the day as an old, too small, moth eaten in places Banana Republic sweater dress has become one kick ass cardi!

If I do say so myself.

And I do.

I am insanely pleased with it. That dress had been in limbo between “denial that I still looked great in it” and “disgust at the realization that it was too small and should go in the trash”. I think it will love its new lease on life!


Collar removed.

Split down the middle.

Edges folded under and sewn down.

Curse and cut off messed up edge.

Recut edge and try folding and sewing again.


Cut strip for a belt.

Realize that you hate belted cardi’s when you try it on.

Decide to make it a ruffle instead.

Make and sew on first ruffle in record time.

Swear a lot as you pick out the stitching on the second, less easy, ruffle.

Stitch ruffle on.

Make a button loop and covered button.

Attach them.

Wear while smiling like a fool.

The edging was royally effed up the first go round and another trim was required. I now have an unhealthy love for my rotary cutter, without which this project would have ended up a big FAT fail. I could never have cut so straight with a scissor.