Blog worthy knits

258/365: Gift-bel!
Rebecca knit this for herself, but upon finishing, decided that it didn’t suit her. At knit group, she asked if anyone wanted it. Uh, YES!! How freakin’ awesome is this? Pretty fucking awesome is the answer!

That night we also gave Sara this!

YIP7/1: Surprise blanket

This is the first time I’ve contributed to a group project like this. What a wonderful feeling! It was so awesome to see Sara’s little guy photographed lying on it. I can’t wait until someone else has a bun in the oven ūüėÄ

Remember the awesome handspun from a recent post? I knit it into this!!

Julia's Handspun Shawl 

I cannot possibly¬†accurately¬†express what these shawls and blanket mean to me. The knitters in my life are truly some of the best people I know. Julia parted with this beautiful yarn at a difficult time in my life. It cheered me in a way that I still can’t fully express. Angela orchestrated the knitting of the baby blanket and expertly seamed it together. She was the glue that held the project together and she did so flawlessly. I think Rebecca knits more for others than herself. Even when knitting for herself she parts with such beautiful stuff as this Ishbel without hesitation.


¬†I don’t know if there is some magic in knitting. I don’t know if there is some innate goodness in the knitters that makes the magic. All I know is, I am better for knowing these knitters.

                                      I thank you ladies!!