So. Much. AWESOME!


I had been coveting Julia’s handspun for a while, so I asked her what she would like in return for parting with some of it.

My end of the deal, provide several skeins of Cascade 220 which is apparently pricey in Denmark (???).

The deal was made, and off I was to WEBS to get Julia her yarn.

Little did I know the awesomeness that I would receive in return.

I only expected that purple skein and a skein of Danish yarn.

I opened the box to discover TWO(!!!) skeins of handspun and two more honkin’ big skeins of yarn!!

The purple skein is an insane 500 yards! The pinkish one, which she also handpainted, is 289. All together, I’m holding over 1700 yards of yummy yarn!

What on earth to make?
A little shelf to perch it on while I worship it? 😀


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