For Rebecca

My friend Rebecca from my knit group, reminded me (in her signature way) that I hadn’t posted in a while. Hi, Rebecca! ;D

I could give you all that normal blog jazz about why I’ve been absent, but I’ll let you exercise your mind by remembering it from all the previous times that you’ve read it.

Instead, I will update you in the form of pictures.

YIP4/20: For inspiration

187/365: A day late

YIP4/17: Doll making

YIP4/16: Subway Ishbel

YIP4/15: Borders, I can't quit you!

180/365: Editing

177/365: That's Good Service!

YIP4/7: Golden wrapped surprise

YIP3/25: Apple Martini for Moi


Click the photo for deets over on flickr. I hope to be back with a real post as opposed to a half-ass one 😀