A Mish-Mash

First, swap mittens of awesomeness ;D

137/365::YIP 2/28: Mittens!!

Much better photos to be found in the Sit n’ Knit flickr group.

Mitts knit for my partner, who unfortunately was not as the party.
Pescovegetarian Mittens

Pescovegetarian mittens

Raverly Details

No one guessed the correct pattern. All….three of you that guessed anyway 😀

In other swap goods, my yoga swap haul!

145/365: Even more swap goodness


My compensation for participating in an NYU study.

146/365: Gift Certificate

And a really good read!
148/365: I owe you one, Chawne!


4 thoughts on “A Mish-Mash

  1. It looks like everything is coming up Nettie… enjoy all of it! (and I tried and tried to make a guess as to the mittens you were making and got… nothing. They’re great, though!)

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