A Mish-Mash

First, swap mittens of awesomeness ;D

137/365::YIP 2/28: Mittens!!

Much better photos to be found in the Sit n’ Knit flickr group.

Mitts knit for my partner, who unfortunately was not as the party.
Pescovegetarian Mittens

Pescovegetarian mittens

Raverly Details

No one guessed the correct pattern. All….three of you that guessed anyway 😀

In other swap goods, my yoga swap haul!

145/365: Even more swap goodness


My compensation for participating in an NYU study.

146/365: Gift Certificate

And a really good read!
148/365: I owe you one, Chawne!


I agree

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library”

~ Jorge Luis Borges

Found here. You can see some of the beautiful libraries we have here, in Brooklyn.

I’ll show off my new mittens next post!


138/365::YIP3/1: Eight

There is nothing in this world like your first born.

I love all of my children and I will never have a favorite.

But the miracle that is the first time you give birth cannot be matched.

Experiencing all of the first’s of parenting with her made it possible to consider having more children.

She was perfect! Every one should have a first baby like her ;D

As she grows and becomes more her own person, and less mine, she becomes more complicated and difficult and stubborn and contrary.

But at the same time even more special, magical, wonderful and miraculous than she was eight years ago.

The talented, loving, caring and thoughtful person she has become lets me know that I must be doing something right.

If she stays the person she is today and helps set the example for her brothers and sister, I will feel like the most accomplished woman in the world.

I love you, Missy!