128/365: Hotel Bed Jumpity!!

I think it’s been a while since I’ve posted. A lot has gone on.
I’ve started my job. I made two weeks in, on Friday.

But more importantly, and an explanation for that picture, the hubby and I had three nights(!!!!) totally to ourselves!!
He arranged for my Mother-in-law to have ALL of the kiddies and booked us a fancy pants hotel room!

This is the fist time, ever, that all of them have been away at the same time. In fact, the twins have only been away from us for 1 night, and that was at my mother’s house right next door.

It was awesome. I even got some knitting done ;D
I’m knitting Francis Revisited. I’ve made great progress since picking it back up.


I took a break to knit my swap mittens. No pictures until after the party Saturday!

I’m so disjointed I can hardly compose this post 😀
It’s a good disjointed, though.

More soon!


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