Notes to self

Notes to self

1. Always, ALWAYS print out the emails containing the address of the place you’re going. I should know this already thanks to the last time I did it. (Story about that coming soon)


2. People on the subway are assholes. A HUGE woman, easily 6 feet tall, squeezed herself in the seat next to me, then proceeded to lean back on my right arm.


3. Don’t give the assholes an icy stare. One of them may kick your(my) ass.


4. Sometimes people entertain for money on the train. Today they played mariachi music. One had a string instrument whose name escapes me. It was huge. Try not to give them icy glares either.


5. Shopping IS fun when you’ll wear the clothes to places other than Missy’s school and the grocery store.


6. You are NOT a size 8 anymore. Sometimes, you’re not a size 10, either. I can fit into some of my size 8 pants, none of my size 8 skirts and not a single size 8 that I tried on today. Some I could get up but not closed, some gave me good laugh at the places they chose to become stuck.


7. Don’t ever go so long without buying socks again. They’re not that expensive. I really have no excuse for what I’ve been putting on my feet.


7 thoughts on “Notes to self

  1. There were mariachis on the subway? Were they wearing their spangly outfits and big hats? That’s awesome. Your city sounds so much more interesting than mine! The most I get is a bum on the corner of the street with a sign that tells us how he needs money but he’s not a beggar and he loves God and his dog too. But apparently he has money to buy cigs because he’s ALWAYS smoking!

  2. hahaha
    i hear you on the socks.
    my new thing is buying cute socks. like gap socks. 3 pairs for 15$ isn’t that bad for things i am excited about putting on my feet and not my step dads old socks that he accidentally left here when he visited last year.

  3. I’m still in sock denial. I think if I get caught buying some in the store that the knitting police will come and haul away all my sock yarn and charge me with mutiny. I may just bite the bullet and buy some today.

  4. Knit socks for husband.
    Give socks to husband.
    Wear them even though they are far too large and such borrowing causes husband to get testy.

    Hey, where will you be working? Someplace where you can show off your new duds?

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