Guess that pattern!

YIP2/25: Guess that pattern!

These are my mitten swap mittens. Ends woven in and everything 😀

I bought two skeins of yarn to make them and only needed one.

If you can guess the pattern you could win yarn!


If more than one person guesses correctly I’ll do one of those nifty random number jobies and send it off 😀

You can comment here and on flickr. Or both. Two entries are better than one! Just click the picture!


You have until Friday at midnight!



128/365: Hotel Bed Jumpity!!

I think it’s been a while since I’ve posted. A lot has gone on.
I’ve started my job. I made two weeks in, on Friday.

But more importantly, and an explanation for that picture, the hubby and I had three nights(!!!!) totally to ourselves!!
He arranged for my Mother-in-law to have ALL of the kiddies and booked us a fancy pants hotel room!

This is the fist time, ever, that all of them have been away at the same time. In fact, the twins have only been away from us for 1 night, and that was at my mother’s house right next door.

It was awesome. I even got some knitting done ;D
I’m knitting Francis Revisited. I’ve made great progress since picking it back up.


I took a break to knit my swap mittens. No pictures until after the party Saturday!

I’m so disjointed I can hardly compose this post 😀
It’s a good disjointed, though.

More soon!

Notes to self

Notes to self

1. Always, ALWAYS print out the emails containing the address of the place you’re going. I should know this already thanks to the last time I did it. (Story about that coming soon)


2. People on the subway are assholes. A HUGE woman, easily 6 feet tall, squeezed herself in the seat next to me, then proceeded to lean back on my right arm.


3. Don’t give the assholes an icy stare. One of them may kick your(my) ass.


4. Sometimes people entertain for money on the train. Today they played mariachi music. One had a string instrument whose name escapes me. It was huge. Try not to give them icy glares either.


5. Shopping IS fun when you’ll wear the clothes to places other than Missy’s school and the grocery store.


6. You are NOT a size 8 anymore. Sometimes, you’re not a size 10, either. I can fit into some of my size 8 pants, none of my size 8 skirts and not a single size 8 that I tried on today. Some I could get up but not closed, some gave me good laugh at the places they chose to become stuck.


7. Don’t ever go so long without buying socks again. They’re not that expensive. I really have no excuse for what I’ve been putting on my feet.

The news, rapid style

  • I am going back to work!! I’ve been talking about this on Flickr through the whole process. I start Monday. I’ll be working part-time. I am super nervous. I am super excited 😀 
  • I will miss my kiddies 😦 But I think this will be good for all of us.
  • I finished my things for the Celebrating Handmade swap. I am really pleased with them and my effort to take my time with cutting and sewing. That the FOs really show the effort pleases me even more.

Olive and her birds

  • I have a couple of knitted finished objects as well! A Thermis cowl, which is awesome btw, and a improvised matching hat. I had a new yarn experience with this knit. I used Dream in Color Classy which I got at the Brooklyn General Sale (where I ran into Rosi G., who was nice enough to offer me a ride. I heart bloggers :D). I also got some fabric and the yarn I needed for the mitten swap I joined. Click the pic for more details on these.

Thermis Set

  • Missy’s Saturday art classes start again. She is super excited, though she complained that she wouldn’t turn 8 before then :D. She’s also concerned that she wont have the same teacher as before. She befriended her daughter and looks forward to seeing her again.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Son#1 is catching on to this whole bathroom thing!!! There are no words to describe the joy this brings. I was beginning to pull my hair out over it. I frequently brought up being able to go to school when he got it down. I’m paying for those words, he wants to start NOW. Lol

It has been a good week!