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Ambivalent Heart
I’m sure that most of the crafty blogisphere has heard plenty about the CPSIA and the measures being taken to change it. You can follow that link to read Etsy’s extensive coverage on it.

I did my part by voting at all of the appropriate places when asked. Now I’ve joined up to do something else, my new favorite thing if you recall, a swap! I found the link to Bird and Little Bird’s Handmade Swap via Wee Wonderfuls blog. 

The point of the swap is to draw attention to how strong and vibrant the hand craft community is. We all know about and love this stuff because we read blogs and/or blog ourselves. This swap aims to shine a light in the eyes of the folks who, like the writers of the CPSIA, aren’t aware of the handmade clique.

So, I will be talking about this on the Bed-Stuy blog, too. I’ve had a less than enthusiastic response over there…but, I digress. I feel that it’s relevant. Brooklyn is full of people who love handmade goods, otherwise institutions like the Brooklyn Flea wouldn’t be so popular. There are tons of Etsy sellers right here in Brooklyn, too.

My handmade process will be blogged here with photos added to the Flickr group. I’m waiting to hear back from my partner about what her daughter likes. If she’s a dolly kind of girl, I have lots of ideas about what to do : )
Stay Tuned!


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