Getting and Giving

I recently co-organized a Twilight swap on Ravelry that was a huge success! I ‘hang out’ with that group the most and I liked everyone so much I really wanted to swap with them. I loved putting together my partner’s package and I really loved seeing all of the creativity that went into the other memeber’s packages. My partner, Meg,  was particularly gifted in that department.

Ravelry Twilight Swap package

I took many terrible photos with my old camera that don’t do her efforts justice. I loved everything she included! She labeled everything and filled the box with candy and vampy red paper ;D

My knitting group exchanged secret santa gifts this week. I made this scarf for Tracy:

Purple Cash Scarf

It’s my first FO of 2009! Click the pic for yarn info.

And Emily, who I had never even meet when she chose my name, made me these!!!!

Swap gifts rock!!

I love them! The color is perfect and so is the fit. Receiving this gift made me so happy I’ve decided to swap more. I joined the Sit n Knit Quickie Mitten Swap and I think I’ll hunt for more!


6 thoughts on “Getting and Giving

  1. Yes swapping is so much fun! Love your fingerless gloves!
    And I may have to check out the mitten swap.

    As I just finished up my Twilight Mittens :oD (you may like them too!!) and really love them! BTW I never watched the movie or turned into a fan! ;op I just really liked the mitts!

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