Link Day 1

I think I’m going to start a weekly link day. Maybe not the same day every week, cause there’s no way I’d remember 😀


Set attainable goals people!


  • Etsy’s (The Storque) most recent Craftivism article was particularly inspiring. 
  • Gifts any doll lover would die for! (Missy has been really great lately. Both around the house and with schoolwor. I’d like to work on something similar as a treat for her.)
  • Proof that matchy-matchy can be awesome!
  • A beautiful (handmade) alternative to traditional birthstone mom jewelry.
  • A sample sale full of wearable clothes.
  • Buttons to funk up even the most basic knitting.

3 thoughts on “Link Day 1

  1. hey,

    i taught my friend how to knit and i gave her felicity as her first hat project. when you are doing the initial increase, if i am doing kfb as the increase would i knit 6/kfb 1? or k7/kfb?

    i’ve confused myself.
    thank you in advance.

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