Celebrating Handmade: Choosing the projects

Celebrating Handmade

Celebrating Handmade

1. Stuffie Projects all in a row, 2. Cherryskin, Calico Kitty, 3. Lolly Chops, Wendy the Bird

I’ve chosen these projects to get my feet wet.

Calico Kitty   Wendy the Bird    Abraham Owl

 I may attempt The Kit, Chloe and Louise pattern if these go well 😀


Handmade Love

Ambivalent Heart
I’m sure that most of the crafty blogisphere has heard plenty about the CPSIA and the measures being taken to change it. You can follow that link to read Etsy’s extensive coverage on it.

I did my part by voting at all of the appropriate places when asked. Now I’ve joined up to do something else, my new favorite thing if you recall, a swap! I found the link to Bird and Little Bird’s Handmade Swap via Wee Wonderfuls blog. 

The point of the swap is to draw attention to how strong and vibrant the hand craft community is. We all know about and love this stuff because we read blogs and/or blog ourselves. This swap aims to shine a light in the eyes of the folks who, like the writers of the CPSIA, aren’t aware of the handmade clique.

So, I will be talking about this on the Bed-Stuy blog, too. I’ve had a less than enthusiastic response over there…but, I digress. I feel that it’s relevant. Brooklyn is full of people who love handmade goods, otherwise institutions like the Brooklyn Flea wouldn’t be so popular. There are tons of Etsy sellers right here in Brooklyn, too.

My handmade process will be blogged here with photos added to the Flickr group. I’m waiting to hear back from my partner about what her daughter likes. If she’s a dolly kind of girl, I have lots of ideas about what to do : )
Stay Tuned!

Getting and Giving

I recently co-organized a Twilight swap on Ravelry that was a huge success! I ‘hang out’ with that group the most and I liked everyone so much I really wanted to swap with them. I loved putting together my partner’s package and I really loved seeing all of the creativity that went into the other memeber’s packages. My partner, Meg,  was particularly gifted in that department.

Ravelry Twilight Swap package

I took many terrible photos with my old camera that don’t do her efforts justice. I loved everything she included! She labeled everything and filled the box with candy and vampy red paper ;D

My knitting group exchanged secret santa gifts this week. I made this scarf for Tracy:

Purple Cash Scarf

It’s my first FO of 2009! Click the pic for yarn info.

And Emily, who I had never even meet when she chose my name, made me these!!!!

Swap gifts rock!!

I love them! The color is perfect and so is the fit. Receiving this gift made me so happy I’ve decided to swap more. I joined the Sit n Knit Quickie Mitten Swap and I think I’ll hunt for more!

Link Day 1

I think I’m going to start a weekly link day. Maybe not the same day every week, cause there’s no way I’d remember 😀


Set attainable goals people!


  • Etsy’s (The Storque) most recent Craftivism article was particularly inspiring. 
  • Gifts any doll lover would die for! (Missy has been really great lately. Both around the house and with schoolwor. I’d like to work on something similar as a treat for her.)
  • Proof that matchy-matchy can be awesome!
  • A beautiful (handmade) alternative to traditional birthstone mom jewelry.
  • A sample sale full of wearable clothes.
  • Buttons to funk up even the most basic knitting.

To contribute

So, the keen of eye noted that I mentioned some news in a recent post. Well, I will be contributing a weekly post to a local blog! The Bed-Stuy blog to be exact.

Every Tuesday, the Bed-Stuy blog readers will be at my mercy! I’ve been plotting knitting and crafting subliminal messages to sneak into each post :D. Soon, Brooklyn will have more knitters than it knows what to do with, lol. I’m kidding….mostly. 

It’s very exciting and very terrifying. Writing for your own blog is one thing, writing for readers who I may have nothing at all in common with is another entirely. In keeping with my new school resolution goals, I made a list of things to write about for the next several weeks. Many of them talking up my regular internet hangouts like, Flickr, Etsy and Ravelry, along with neighborhood amenities. 

Though it’s outside of the hood, I’ll have to add Karaoke to the list now. I went for the first time on Sunday with my knitting group friends and it was the most fun I’ve had in ages.

Karaoke is awesome!!


In fact, that whole day was pretty fun. I was invited to a knitting party by a pretty cool blogger 😀 Everyone there was lovely and a joy to talk with. I hope to meet with them again, soon.

I made it to another doctors appointment, the eye doctor this time. Tomorrow, I follow up with my regular physician to get the results of my blood work and such. 

So far, I’m sticking to my plan. I hope I can keep it up!

New school resolutions

Not too shabby on last years resolutions (can someone think of a cooler word, please)! The one I’m most proud of, working on being confident. It’s certainly one of my greatest challenges, well positivity is, I should say.

So, just like last year, and the year before that, we’ll kick it off with:

 Confident and Thankful! 

I feel a little better about myself with every passing year, 2008 was no exception. I have a good husband, good kids, good friends (real and internet), a roof over my head and food in my belly 😀 In addition to that, I have a ton of extras. My recent electronic advancements, more yarn than I could knit over the next couple years and the occasional date night to remind me of why I fell in love. My life’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn good!

Keep creating! 

I love it! I love the feeling of accomplishment that it gives me. I love the feedback from bloggers, my family and sometimes random strangers :D. I hope to continue improving my design skills. I hope to have more opportunities to make new friends through knitting and blogging. I hope to create more with my children. They’re growing so fast and learning new things everyday. They inspire me to see the beauty in a leaf or the silliness in spaghetti. I hope to finally make writing a larger part of my creative process. I have a new, and exciting, opportunity to improve my writing skills. I look forward to the new connections that it will create as well. 

Do Maintenance 

My recent dental problems, and another health wake up call that I didn’t blog about, have resulted in a slew of doctor’s appointments. Our bodies are a gift, we only get 1, the least we could do is care for it properly. I don’t have the worst diet, but it could be better. I’m not in the worse shape, but I could be better.  I have let a lack of time push basic check-ups to the back of my mind. I resolve to become current with them all and to make sure that my husband and children are as well. 

Get Active

I dabbled in yoga in ’08 and I really enjoyed it. I let a change of schedule and the back to school crunch throw me off. I resolve to take advantage of our Y membership. I want to model healthy behavior so that my children see it as a way of life rather than a resolution to tack on to the list at the beginning of the year. I want them to know and see all that this city has to offer. Now that the twins are more mobile, I resolve to take them all out more, even if it’s just to the farmers market or the bookstore. We have a ton of free activities in NYC. Again, I want museum visits and art and dance shows to be a way of life for them, not a random special treat. 

Make and Meet Deadlines and Schedules

I meant what I said recenly. I am the boss of me and I will drift as I, or rather my subconscious, see fit. But, some things need to be mapped out. Some things must be done daily to be great. Writing 15 minutes a day would benefit me so much and it would only take checking my email less to accomplish. Designing a cardigan, but releasing it in July would hardly yield the best results. Schedules and deadlines, within reason, will benefit me greatly.


I am so envious of people who can call their parents their best friends. I want so badly to have this type of relationship with my children when they grow up. They are such good people, I would feel like the most accomplished person in the world if they stay that way. I resolve to do what I can to be the kind of mother they deserve. I am also envious of people who have seen long lasting, healthy and loving relationships. I want so badly to grow old with my husband and to still love him as much as I do now. I resolve to do what I can to nurture what we have.


I called these my new school resolutions because they are really more about changing or maintaining a way of life. These are things that I hope to carry on through 2009 and beyond. I would be so grateful for the chance!

Aw, Goodbye…Oh, Hello!

To 2008,

As far as years go, you weren’t a total disappointment! Way to go ’08! Thanks for not totally sucking and actually being kind of awesome!

Hello ’09! You’ve got a lot to live up to!


Aw, Goodbye...Oh, Hello!

Thanks to my recent, raging, toothache and the antibiotics I’m taking after my root canal, I’ll be ringing in the new year with this fancy glass of water 🙂