Finished in 2008

It would appear that I was quite busy this year! I’ll be reviewing last years resolution as I prepare to make next years(!!!). And I’ll have a little news to share, too. I think 2008 was pretty great for my family! I hope you all can say the same 🙂

FO 2008

1. Affro Girls outdoors, 2. Not available, 3. Affro Girl Doll, 4. Another Baby Sis Beret, 5. New sweater!, 6. Lush and Lacy , 7. Tilted Duster Front, 8. Baby Sis in Wicked, Back, 9. Lauri Dress,Swirl, 10. Purple Crochet Cozies, 11. Mini Sweater, Stockinette side, 12. Liesl in blue, 13. Brooklyn Piksi

FO 2008

1. KISS Beanie, 2. Feather and Fan Cowl, 3. Black Beak the Bird, 4. Amber Moon’s baby sweater, 5. Amber Moon’s baby sweater, 6. Mini-Earflap Hat, 7. Felicity the 2nd, 8. Noro Hat, top, 9. Pea Green Earflap, back, 10. Simply Red Beret, 11. Shibu Mini Shawl, 12. Petal front, 13. 40/365: Bingley-ish Ruffles

FO 2008

1. 43/365: I just wanna love ya Noro, 2. 45/365: I like YA books, 3. Son#2’s hat and scarf set, 4. Hubby Hood, 5. Wonder Twin Mittens, 6. Petite Ruffles, Front


8 thoughts on “Finished in 2008

  1. Wow! That’s awesome. Lots of lovelies! The little girls dress, is that your design? I would love to get the pattern. I have a niece I think who would enjoy it very much. I don’t even have children and I can’t get that much done. You must be one fast knitter! I’m looking forward to future projects 🙂

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