It's a Festivus miracle!


I’ve been behind in my 365 photo uploading due to our ancient PC giving out on us AGAIN.

Our ancient camera records its pictures onto little disks. Little disks that need an adaptor to slide into my laptop’s disk drive. An adaptor that BROKE inside of the laptop, leaving a tiny little bit of Sony inside. Thus, rendering it useless and leaving me with no way to get my pics onto my computer.

Enter my BIL, who suddenly had a Mac Pro(!!!!) available to sell to us at a run-don’t-walk price. We had been saving to get my husband a laptop of his own, so the deal was made and now we have this kick ass computer that even the kids can’t keep their eyes off!

Best part. My new camera will be here in two days!

It is a Festivus Miracle!!


11 thoughts on “It's a Festivus miracle!

  1. Welcome to Macintosh! Ok, that’s a nerdy Mac joke that you’d get if you were an Apple Geek like me. The MacPro is awesome. You’re going to love it! Make sure you back up.

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