Texting the Husband

Me: Jason Bourne v. Jack Bauer?

He: That’s a good one!!!….wow. I have to think about that one!!

Me: J Bourne has the advantage of an average sized mouth and clear nostrils!

He: That is funny!! That made my day!!!


My husband and I have a battle going on between the fictional characters we love. I guess it has been going on a while. It actually started with me insisting that I could kick his ass. This is despite the fact that he is half a foot taller than me and about 100lbs heavier 😀

Anyway, a while back I said that Booth (from Bones) could kick Jack Bauer‘s (from 24) ass. This sparked a heated debate in which each character ass-kickin’ skills were reviewed. My main argument against Keifer Sutherland’s Bauer, has been his nasal congested breathing and tiny bird mouth. We still haven’t come to a solid conclusion. If you watch both shows feel free to chime in 😀


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