Finished in 2008

It would appear that I was quite busy this year! I’ll be reviewing last years resolution as I prepare to make next years(!!!). And I’ll have a little news to share, too. I think 2008 was pretty great for my family! I hope you all can say the same 🙂

FO 2008

1. Affro Girls outdoors, 2. Not available, 3. Affro Girl Doll, 4. Another Baby Sis Beret, 5. New sweater!, 6. Lush and Lacy , 7. Tilted Duster Front, 8. Baby Sis in Wicked, Back, 9. Lauri Dress,Swirl, 10. Purple Crochet Cozies, 11. Mini Sweater, Stockinette side, 12. Liesl in blue, 13. Brooklyn Piksi

FO 2008

1. KISS Beanie, 2. Feather and Fan Cowl, 3. Black Beak the Bird, 4. Amber Moon’s baby sweater, 5. Amber Moon’s baby sweater, 6. Mini-Earflap Hat, 7. Felicity the 2nd, 8. Noro Hat, top, 9. Pea Green Earflap, back, 10. Simply Red Beret, 11. Shibu Mini Shawl, 12. Petal front, 13. 40/365: Bingley-ish Ruffles

FO 2008

1. 43/365: I just wanna love ya Noro, 2. 45/365: I like YA books, 3. Son#2’s hat and scarf set, 4. Hubby Hood, 5. Wonder Twin Mittens, 6. Petite Ruffles, Front


A Festivus Treat: The Petite Ruffles Tunic

New design*! Pattern almost done! Why must I add exclamation to everything! 😀


Petite Ruffles Tunic!

Petite Mosaic

1. Petite Ruffles, Front, 2. Petite Ruffles, Ruffle CU, 3. Petite Ruffles, Back, 4. Petite Ruffles

Yarn: Cashsoft DK, in Crush. About 1.5 balls (Stash buster!!!)

Needles: Size 6

The sizes will run from 0-3 months to 18-24 months, although that means nothing. Depending on how you like your children’s clothing to fit, you could make any size. The pattern has positive ease built in, by simply adding a little length you could easily transform it from a top/tunic to a dress. Very versatile and oh so girly, just like my oldest, Missy 🙂


Gather round your aluminum pole. Air your grievances in a loud, clear voice.

Roll up your sleeves for the feats of strength!




*If you’d like to test knit this for me, please leave a comment here 😉

It's a Festivus miracle!


I’ve been behind in my 365 photo uploading due to our ancient PC giving out on us AGAIN.

Our ancient camera records its pictures onto little disks. Little disks that need an adaptor to slide into my laptop’s disk drive. An adaptor that BROKE inside of the laptop, leaving a tiny little bit of Sony inside. Thus, rendering it useless and leaving me with no way to get my pics onto my computer.

Enter my BIL, who suddenly had a Mac Pro(!!!!) available to sell to us at a run-don’t-walk price. We had been saving to get my husband a laptop of his own, so the deal was made and now we have this kick ass computer that even the kids can’t keep their eyes off!

Best part. My new camera will be here in two days!

It is a Festivus Miracle!!

What's up

I’ve been sort of silent around the blog and flickr lately because my disk drive is broken and my ancient (read: 7 year-old) camera records the pictures onto a mini disk. 

I’ve kept up with my 365 photos, which is much harder to do without the fun of uploading them to the flickr group(s). Of course, our PC is broken again (@#&^$!) so I have no way to access the pictures right now.


Finishing your knits can be also feel a little less satisfying without posting the results of your FO shoots. I’ve finished the mittens for the boy twin, which I managed to make two different sizes. Count your rows people, count your rows.

I’ve also finished a hat for the husband(!!!) out of some black Malabrigo. It’s one of those over the head, face covering jobies, that Missy said I looked like a ninja in. That remark prompted lots of bad ninja moves on my part 😉

I finished it right on time, too. While we’re all warm and snuggled in at home, the husband is out battling snow 😦 He works very hard people. I should make him a hat for every day of the week. 


I’ve also started a new script. Ironically, the beginning is giving me trouble, whereas the end is usually the problem. I know exactly how this one ends, and every hateful emotional word that must be said before it’s all said and done.  How to get the woman on her journey, in a convincing way, is proving troublesome. 

Let’s see, what else? I’m reading The Secret Garden. Which has been helping me…..

HOLY SHIT! Just as I was writing, the above problem solved itself!

….with the emotions in the script. Mary’s cross attitude and emotional journey toward being a normal child/person fits with the theme of my script.

I’ve also made peace with the way that I work. As long as I’m working for me I’m going to stop beating myself up for straying off of a given project. I’ve given myself license to drift. One day I’m desiging a sweater, the next I’m writing again, the next can find me happily knitting from a pattern. Since I’m the boss of me, I’m going to embrace it. Who knows what I’ll assign myself tonight!

Texting the Husband

Me: Jason Bourne v. Jack Bauer?

He: That’s a good one!!!….wow. I have to think about that one!!

Me: J Bourne has the advantage of an average sized mouth and clear nostrils!

He: That is funny!! That made my day!!!


My husband and I have a battle going on between the fictional characters we love. I guess it has been going on a while. It actually started with me insisting that I could kick his ass. This is despite the fact that he is half a foot taller than me and about 100lbs heavier 😀

Anyway, a while back I said that Booth (from Bones) could kick Jack Bauer‘s (from 24) ass. This sparked a heated debate in which each character ass-kickin’ skills were reviewed. My main argument against Keifer Sutherland’s Bauer, has been his nasal congested breathing and tiny bird mouth. We still haven’t come to a solid conclusion. If you watch both shows feel free to chime in 😀