Headline: NaNoWriMo trounced by Ms. Mo Jo

The NaNoWriMono novel had enjoyed the, exclusive, attention of its writer for several



Riding a novel writing high unfortunately resulted in her becoming complacent. She was therefore totally unprepared for Miss. Mo Jo’s arrival on the scene. 


After enduring may cold shoulders from her writer, NaNoWriMo made a valiant attempt to win back her affections.

Outlining FunThe plot appeared as if summoned from on high! Just when she thought that she was finally gaining ground, a new ruffly scarf pattern appeared and it all went straight to hell. 

Bingley-ish Ruffles

No longer able to stand by and watch as things flew from both needle and hook, NaNoWriMo booked a holiday. 



Before departing, she drafted a letter to her writer, detailing the terms of her return. She can currently be found sunning on the beach located in the recesses of her writers mind. The way back to the active brain will be cleared when the wool fumes die down.


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