Starting the Thankful train

I’ve been feeling especially thankful lately. For big things and small things. 

My children are healthy and happy enough to be a huge pain in my ass 😉

My husband is awesome and would find a way for me to walk on the moon if I wanted to.

My grandfather had a seizure this week but seems to be fine despite it. I don’t really talk about the general bad health of both sets of my grandparents. Mostly cause I don’t think they would approve :D. The internets are bad business as far as they’re concerned. My grandfathers are only doing so, so on their best days. But, I’m thankful that they’re holding, for the most part, and not getting worse.

I’m also thankful for a mini parade of useful finished objects. Which is the most relavant thankful thing in this post ;D

After finishing my ruffly scarf I crocheted this hat to match it

KISS Beanie

click through to flickr for the deets on all

Then I got a bug to make another lengthwise scarf. I started the JERS with this yarn first. It was not so pretty 😦 The ruffle was particularly ugly as it consisted of several unflattering color changes. It wasn’t so pretty as this scarf at first, either. But blocking mellowed out the colors nicely.

I just wanna love ya Noro, Tied

Then I made this hat to coordinate with it. My sister told me that I can’t call it a match because there’s no black on the scarf. 

Silky Combo Hat, CU

Now, I’m working on a hat for Son#1 to be followed by a scarf and mittens.

Then the boy twin needs a set too.

Then mittens for Missy and the girl twin.

I have to move fast. I’m trying to out run my mojo. If he takes off, the kids will be stuck with store bought acrylic yuckiness.

I better put on my running shoes. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Starting the Thankful train

  1. I wish you lots of knitting mojo! We have missed you on knitting night. that usually keeps up the mojo for me. Or at least it motivates me to knit if only for that night.

  2. OOh I loved your thankful post (and ALL of it was relevant – thanks for sharing) and I believe yours is the 1st I’ve seen thus far…I am sure I will be sick of the parade by Wednesday! LOL

    Your hat DOES match your new long scarf – which I like btw! I need to actually knit one up for my coat (which agonizing for me! Haha)

    Haha! @ I know all about trying to out run Mr. Mo!

    So glad all is blessed with ya woman!

  3. I wish I could crochet nicely… I would love to learn to make snowflakes to put on my Christmas tree…

    Your projects are very lovely and I think the black hat matches (as Stacy & Clinton would say, it shouldn’t be too matchy matchy… LOL! ) Love.. the pink hat!

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