The Future

Obama 2008


My view of the future has changed. I feel full of possibilities, for myself and my children. What we can do has expanded. What I feel capable of doing seems endless.

I was not raised to be ambitious or confident or competitive or even hopeful. What might I have been if I had been raised to believe? With this historic event I can stop asking myself that question. I feel like a blank slate, ready for a new story to be written. 


‘Yes we can’ has taken on a whole new meaning. I can no longer allow myself to give in. I can no longer allow my children to say ‘I can’t’, because they can.


I can. We can. And we did. 


The black family in the US has fallen apart. I can’t help but smile at the knowledge that such a fabulous example of what we can be at our best, will be living in the White House. As fantastic as Barack Obama is, Michelle Obama cannot be overlooked. Michelle Obama is a revelation! I am excited to see what she makes of her time at the White House as well. 


I can only hope that we all, black people especially, make an effort to be our best. An effort to follow in the gracious footsteps of our next President and his First Lady. I know I am changed. I know that the change is for the better. I know that the change is permanent. There is no going back. Only forward.


12 thoughts on “The Future

  1. Here here! Barack being of African American descent is sort of the cherry on the sundae for me. Meaning that I voted for him because I believe he will be a great leader and stands for my values. And he also happens to be black. So I feel like we get a great leader and as the cherry on the sundae, the race ceiling has been shattered and the rest of the world will no longer think the US is enjoying its time reliving the dark ages.

  2. amen. amenamenamen. it still doesn’t quite feel real. but i LOVE seeing that family. i love them. every one of them, everything they do, they make me smile. they are so what i would hope my family to be.


  3. Congratulations from the Netherlands! We over here are terribly excited too. I sincerely hope that this charismatic man (and his family of course) will make history in the years to come.

    A Dutch knitter

  4. I’m very happy with the result and for the change in America!!!
    Nice your view :)))

    Obama looks very clever, I hope he will manage, he will have a BIG work to do. I’m afraid about his security, I’m sure some people does not like he is so popular and smart…

    As a Spanish woman I’m proud to say that for me it doesn’t matter if you are black, yellow or white…

  5. Michelle is going to be one classy First Lady. They always look like they really love, respect and admire each other, which is so very touching.

  6. I’ve heard that like Hillary, Michelle is going to have her own office in the White House. By all accounts, she’s even brainier than her husband, and I’m excited to see what influence her own great mind will bring to the country. I really feel like for the first time in eight years, I’m EXCITED (so, so, so excited) to see what the future holds for our country and am expecting great things from this man. Good job, America!

  7. We now have a leader who represents what I consider “real America,” the mix of all our backgrounds, races, and cultures that have formed this country over hundreds of years. JFK demonstrated that Catholics are a part of this America; now Obama has demonstrated that black people are, too. And bless Hilary Clinton for being part of this race as well… even when things got ugly, it just pleased the hell out of me to see a black man and a woman debating for the nomination.

    I’m ready to move forward, too!

  8. Well said! I’ve begun to reassess my life too. What wonderful motivators Barack and Michelle are!

    Even after he won the Democratic nomination, but before he won the national election, young African American boys were starting to study harder.

    The world was waiting for him.

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