Word count: Zero

NaNoWriMo has not started off with a bang around these parts. I had an impromptu family outing send me to bed early and take up most of my day. Now my brain is tired ball of mush. But, I am determined. Today, though ass kickin’ tough, has buyoued my spirits.

I was faced with a real challenge that would have been (fairly) easy to back out of. But I didn’t. When I signed Missy up for Saturday art class, I sat her down and stressed the importance of taking it seriously. Meaning, go to every class, behave and do your best. So when I told her she would have to miss class today because I had no one to watch the others (sick mom and hubby at work) while I took her, she immediately spoke my words back to me.

Damn! Who said kids don’t listen. 

This was a prime oppurtunity to put a lesson into action. It would be difficult for me to travel with all of them with no help, but that’s no excuse not to do it. I made a commitment to get her to class and I need to honor it.  You can’t expect children to do what you tell them if you don’t model the same behavior. Simple. But not always easy. 

In the end, we all got there. On time to boot! The kindness of the other parents/grandparents helped greatly. One grandma helped me into the building and walked Missy to class (there are many stairs inside and no elevator) and one dad helped me out of the building. It’s nice when people are nice 😀 We visited with family and everyone had a great time being out all together. My cousin provided a ride home and I felt a deep satisfaction in making the trip.


So instead of napping, I’m going to write, because that’s what I said I’d do.



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