These are my first pies, ever. They were quite successful, if I do say so myself.

Missy was my pie assistant 😀

We’ve had a great day so far! Three out of four children actually had a full meal, consisting of meat, veg and starch. This is so rare, that alone would be cause for celebration. Son#1 was the hold out. He only had rice and chicken.

My husband and sister are sleeping off their meals already. I’m trying to hold on long enough to wipe down the kids and put them down for a little snooze.


Headline: NaNoWriMo trounced by Ms. Mo Jo

The NaNoWriMono novel had enjoyed the, exclusive, attention of its writer for several



Riding a novel writing high unfortunately resulted in her becoming complacent. She was therefore totally unprepared for Miss. Mo Jo’s arrival on the scene. 


After enduring may cold shoulders from her writer, NaNoWriMo made a valiant attempt to win back her affections.

Outlining FunThe plot appeared as if summoned from on high! Just when she thought that she was finally gaining ground, a new ruffly scarf pattern appeared and it all went straight to hell. 

Bingley-ish Ruffles

No longer able to stand by and watch as things flew from both needle and hook, NaNoWriMo booked a holiday. 



Before departing, she drafted a letter to her writer, detailing the terms of her return. She can currently be found sunning on the beach located in the recesses of her writers mind. The way back to the active brain will be cleared when the wool fumes die down.

Starting the Thankful train

I’ve been feeling especially thankful lately. For big things and small things. 

My children are healthy and happy enough to be a huge pain in my ass 😉

My husband is awesome and would find a way for me to walk on the moon if I wanted to.

My grandfather had a seizure this week but seems to be fine despite it. I don’t really talk about the general bad health of both sets of my grandparents. Mostly cause I don’t think they would approve :D. The internets are bad business as far as they’re concerned. My grandfathers are only doing so, so on their best days. But, I’m thankful that they’re holding, for the most part, and not getting worse.

I’m also thankful for a mini parade of useful finished objects. Which is the most relavant thankful thing in this post ;D

After finishing my ruffly scarf I crocheted this hat to match it

KISS Beanie

click through to flickr for the deets on all

Then I got a bug to make another lengthwise scarf. I started the JERS with this yarn first. It was not so pretty 😦 The ruffle was particularly ugly as it consisted of several unflattering color changes. It wasn’t so pretty as this scarf at first, either. But blocking mellowed out the colors nicely.

I just wanna love ya Noro, Tied

Then I made this hat to coordinate with it. My sister told me that I can’t call it a match because there’s no black on the scarf. 

Silky Combo Hat, CU

Now, I’m working on a hat for Son#1 to be followed by a scarf and mittens.

Then the boy twin needs a set too.

Then mittens for Missy and the girl twin.

I have to move fast. I’m trying to out run my mojo. If he takes off, the kids will be stuck with store bought acrylic yuckiness.

I better put on my running shoes. 🙂


Bingley-ish Ruffles

Ruffle Scarf

Ruffle Scarf


I think the ruffles on this scarf give it a decidedly Edwardian feel.

I hate knitting scarves. I’ve only really made one and it was out of super bulky yarn.

Apparently this pattern is magic. It has cured my scarf phobia. I think it’s knitting such a narrow width, and the constant turning you have to do as a result of it, that makes me dislike knitting them.

Knitting lengthwise makes for very long rows but it allows me to get a rhythm going. I see more in the future.


Pattern: Cosmic Pluto’s Ruffle Scarf

Yarn: Cashsoft DK in Madame (2 balls)

Needles: Size 6, 9’s for bind off

The Future

Obama 2008


My view of the future has changed. I feel full of possibilities, for myself and my children. What we can do has expanded. What I feel capable of doing seems endless.

I was not raised to be ambitious or confident or competitive or even hopeful. What might I have been if I had been raised to believe? With this historic event I can stop asking myself that question. I feel like a blank slate, ready for a new story to be written. 


‘Yes we can’ has taken on a whole new meaning. I can no longer allow myself to give in. I can no longer allow my children to say ‘I can’t’, because they can.


I can. We can. And we did. 


The black family in the US has fallen apart. I can’t help but smile at the knowledge that such a fabulous example of what we can be at our best, will be living in the White House. As fantastic as Barack Obama is, Michelle Obama cannot be overlooked. Michelle Obama is a revelation! I am excited to see what she makes of her time at the White House as well. 


I can only hope that we all, black people especially, make an effort to be our best. An effort to follow in the gracious footsteps of our next President and his First Lady. I know I am changed. I know that the change is for the better. I know that the change is permanent. There is no going back. Only forward.

Word count: Zero

NaNoWriMo has not started off with a bang around these parts. I had an impromptu family outing send me to bed early and take up most of my day. Now my brain is tired ball of mush. But, I am determined. Today, though ass kickin’ tough, has buyoued my spirits.

I was faced with a real challenge that would have been (fairly) easy to back out of. But I didn’t. When I signed Missy up for Saturday art class, I sat her down and stressed the importance of taking it seriously. Meaning, go to every class, behave and do your best. So when I told her she would have to miss class today because I had no one to watch the others (sick mom and hubby at work) while I took her, she immediately spoke my words back to me.

Damn! Who said kids don’t listen. 

This was a prime oppurtunity to put a lesson into action. It would be difficult for me to travel with all of them with no help, but that’s no excuse not to do it. I made a commitment to get her to class and I need to honor it.  You can’t expect children to do what you tell them if you don’t model the same behavior. Simple. But not always easy. 

In the end, we all got there. On time to boot! The kindness of the other parents/grandparents helped greatly. One grandma helped me into the building and walked Missy to class (there are many stairs inside and no elevator) and one dad helped me out of the building. It’s nice when people are nice 😀 We visited with family and everyone had a great time being out all together. My cousin provided a ride home and I felt a deep satisfaction in making the trip.


So instead of napping, I’m going to write, because that’s what I said I’d do.