New things I want to remember, now with walking!

I haven’t updated the “things to remember” in a while, I have much to report.

The Twins:

  • The boy twin did indeed get out of his crib, he flipped out, landed in a seated position and was no worse for wear. The only result, he is even more adventurous now.
  • Since the flipping incident, I have rescued him from straddling the top bar of the crib, dangling by one hand from the high chair (after he climbed out) and from standing on the arm of the sofa to reach a book. All without a trace of fear.
  • The girl twin is no less trouble, she enjoys removing her bed sheets and whirling them in the air like helicopter propellers, fighting me like a tiger cub when combing her hair, and repeating absolutely everything she hears, especially song lyrics and my ranting.
  • Today, for the first time ever, both twins took several steps on their own. My two older children were very late walkers, so with the twins being premies I didn’t expect them to walk soon. They are strong enough, but overly cautious. Which is ironic, as the boy twin has no sense of self preservation any place else. Today, several hours apart, first the boy then the girl took their first real stroll. It was delightful. The husband was home for the first and Missy for the second. There was much cheering and clapping 😀
Son #1:
  • They twins are maturing while Son#1 seems to be going backwards. He has no real interest in using the toilet, he crawls on the floor with twins, and tells me he’s a baby when I ask him to stand and walk. I’ve heard of this happening with the older children very near in age to the younger. It is a little trying, though I’m trying my best to be patient with him. It must be hard to see Missy doing big kid stuff and the twins being babies and not really knowing where he fits in. 
  • This odd baby behavior comes in spurts. The rest of the time he can be found talking non-stop, being impossibly sweet and repeating the words and definitions he learns on Pinky Dinky Doo, Super Why and in their many library books. He’s like a little walking dictionary. It’s disgustingly cute.
  • Missy is a busy girl. She has started Saturday art classes, which she loves(!) and she has started dance and art classes a few days a week at an after school program. It’s great to see her so enthusiastic about things! She is a visual learner who prefers to do creative work and reading, so she’s in her zone at these places. We’ve been fifteen minutes early for every Saturday class, she hates to be late and rushes me like crazy. The only downside, she is a total grouch when she’s tired or adjusting to new things. It makes homework even more difficult and it was pretty tough to begin with. But we’re preserving. 
By the time I hit post, they will have all done another thing to make me laugh (or want to cry ;D). I kinda love them, they’re my babies. 

5 thoughts on “New things I want to remember, now with walking!

  1. Sounds like you have your hands full with the kinds a lone, I don’t know how you find time for knitting and your other activities! Congrats on all their latest accomplishments!

  2. Maybe if the twins hold each other’s hands they could use one another to balance. Or, maybe they’ll just knock each other down :(.

    In any case, reading this made me tired, but I love babies so I think you’re lucky.

  3. So, I have a funny story. I went to see the yarn harlot speak in Park Slope the other day (which was great) but, while I was there I saw a woman who I was convinced was you!

    So, with my determination and self assurance I pranced up to her and said “HI!” hoping she (who I thought was you) might recognize me and the lady ended up looking at me like I was completely insane. I then asked her what her name was in a confused state and it was definitely not you.

    I was embarassed – I retreated. hahaha.

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