Madame Petal

Another FO for the wardrobe. This one I really love!

Petal front

Completed Petal


Pattern: Petal, Stephanie Japel

Yarn: RYC Cashsoft DK, color Madame, 5 balls

Needles: 6’s for body, doubled pointed 7’s for sleeves, 5’s for trim and collar.

Buttons: M&J Trimming, Wooden, but light

I love her! I wore her all day Saturday. I had my Namaste bag* FULL of crap too. The yarn stood up to it well. I love(!!) this yarn. It’s so soft. I can’t wait to make a pullover with it.

It has such great yardage, I should be able to knit a three quarter sleeve pullover with the rest of the bag. This sweater cost about $12!! I bought a full bag of this yarn at Little Knits for $25. You really can’t beat that. 

I’ve started using larger needles when knitting in the round on a garment that also has flat knitting. My gauge can change enough to make the two sections look completely different. This little change makes them match well. 

This yarn was supposed to be knit into a Hexacomb cardi, but I don’t think that style would have fit me well. Once I finished this and tried it on, I knew I made the right choice. The double breasted style, making the sleeves longer (with no shaping), the slightly cropped fit all make for a very comfortable cardigan, something I would have tried on and purchased in a store. It also looks great open, it’s just as comfy worn that way too.

Basically, it’s a success!


*My birthday is this month. I’ve started “celebrating” early. My first celebratory act, purchasing the bag of my dreams…Er, I mean a Namaste bag!

How do I love thee...

I openly declared my love for it in my first 365 photo! Let the games begin 😀


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