Send Help!

I am in big trouble. My natural tendency to become distracted is rearing its head. I have been going strong on my “work” knitting. I haven’t even been tempted to knit anything else. I had been riding a doll making high that was rather satisfying. 


I went to a knitting meetup on Wednesday. There I laughed and knit with many lovely ladies. I had a great time and went home exhausted and anxious for the next time I may be able to make a meeting. Let me tell you how this wonderfully good time is to blame for my current state. One of the ladies there had on a Karate jacket by Twinkle.

Do you see now where I’m going?

I must have a chunky knit cardi. I must! I actually had dreams of wearing one. A dream, can you believe it? I hardly pay attention to what I wear when I’m awake. 

The problem is, I don’t have that book. I don’t want to buy it. The Brooklyn libraries don’t have it and the NY branches copies are all checked out (except for one in SI, I don’t want it that bad). I checked Ravelry and I was tricked into thinking I had an issue of Vogue Knitting with this one in it. I’ve been thinking of buying this pattern, but I hate knitting cables. Though these shouldn’t take long. This one is also a strong contender. 

I stayed up to nearly 4am knitting with two strands of Ella Rae Classic, trying to come up with something I liked the look of. I’ve had little success. 

Send Help!


4 thoughts on “Send Help!

  1. Hmmm…do your libraries send books within the system? Ours do here, but I don’t know if yours is the same. You can ask the branch that has it to send it to your local branch, that way you don’t have to travel all over the city. ?? Just a thought.

    If I were taller, I’d definitely make some Twinkle designs because I’m sure they knit up quick!

  2. Darlin’ are you looking for a lesser expensive alternative to those yarns?
    May I suggest Valley Yarns Shelburne – which is discontinued but at a wicked price cut, though there are limited color choices left
    Valley yarns Berkshire Bulky.
    Both yarns are nice bulky single ply yummy yarniness that should work for those pattern, though you may need something even bulkier in place of that Rowan! in that case try the regular Valley Yarns Berkshire double stranded. go to – its their brand yarn. Man I love Webs.

  3. Uh oh. Have you seen Twinkle’s Town & Country Knits that just came out? I haven’t seen it yet but there may be more temptation in it.

  4. Hey Nettie, I have that book. I’m happy to copy the pattern and send it to you, or meet up for some knitting. It’s been awhile. Got an opening Saturday morning? 😀

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