Opinions please

What do you think of this dress? I think it’s cute, but I imagined it a bit more fitted. She’s narrow under there, especially in the hip area. It’s late so Missy is asleep right now. I know I can get an honest doll fanatic opinion from her in the morning. But I want to know what you all think too.

 Dress, front



Yesterday was Son #1’s birthday. He is three now, a little old man in a boys body. I swear it seems like he should be older. I love him, even as he drives me crazy* 😉 We didn’t do much, we usually don’t for b-days, but I have a knit toy in mind just for him. I can’t wait to get started.                                

Thanks to him, and the delight he takes in holding dolls by the hair to make them walk, I know that this doll will hold up very well. The first one doesn’t look worse for wear and she has been man handled by all four of them. 

Oh! I also have a pattern question. I still want to offer the pattern for the doll, but I would like to charge a fee. When paying for a doll pattern do you expect tutorials (photo or written) explaining how to create the face and hair? I would like to include a template for the shades the original wears and a pattern for shoes, which I am currently working on. Do you generally expect much beyond that?



*Btw, I’ve calmed down from my relatively hyped state from yesterdays post. I think the long, impromptu nap I had on the sofa earlier helped 🙂 I can get a little excitable when stressed and low on sleep.


3 thoughts on “Opinions please

  1. I love the dress, and I think it does look fitted – the illusion of the waistband. But you could always thread some matching ribbon throught the waistband and pull tight at the back with a bow, for extra slimness. I love the ruffles!

    If I was knitting a doll pattern for the first time I think I would need some guidance on the face and hair, but you could always do a separate ‘basics’ pattern/guide, rather than re-doing it for every new dress pattern.

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