Stitches by the dollar

I recently answered an ad posted by a local art gallery. They were looking for hand knits to sell alongside the artwork displayed. I corresponded with the owner who liked my work based on the photos I sent her. We met in person and she told me of her plan to expand her gallery to include functional art (like knitwear) and smaller art pieces than what she currently offered. 

We discussed what she would like to display, giving me the option to create what I wanted to. We set a tentative deadline for the end of the month. I wrote a schedule, researched prices and got started cranking out hats and working on dolls.

And then I realized just how hard it is to stitch for the dollars.

Stitching for Dollars

 1. Noro Hat, top, 2. Pea Green Earflap, back, 3. Simply Red Beret, 4. Doll in progress


I would be happy not to touch my needles (or hooks) for at least a week. But if I did my schedule would be thrown off. Also, I still have design projects giving me a fit and a hat for my sister and the steek sweater that I’m dying to chop and Petal still needs sleeves and the the kids need hats and I need to sleep and clean my house and do laundry. You get the idea. 

I think I could continue to push myself if I had any kind of guarantee for success. After putting so much work into sewing last year to have very few flea market sales and even fewer on etsy, I’m being realistic when I say all the work could be fruitless. Add that to my (many) unsuccessful attempts to find part time work, more writing contest BS and the general knocking around involved with caring for four children and it all adds up to be too much. 

But, I like to honor my word. So, I will work down the list I made and continue having fun experimenting with free form knitting and crocheting. Once my shelf is stocked at the end of the month I’ll have to wait and see, which is always the hardest part. 


10 thoughts on “Stitches by the dollar

  1. Good luck!! I hope it works out for you. I am rooting for you.

    I know how you feel. I have been through many craft fairs experiences. It was so nice to go Renegade this year and be a customer instead. At least I could escape the humidity and heat and not have to sit there for 2 days.

    I would love to find a part time job I can do at home. Things are tight with only one person working. I have thought of Etsy, but I am not sure what I would make to sell.

  2. Oh, I’ve been wondering what all those hat pictures were on your Flickr page!
    I hope your deadline is soon, so then you can go back to a “normal” pace. Unless the hats sell out quickly… Would you make more if they are successful?

  3. I love your photos, and those hats are really cute!

    I hope you’ve priced your stuff properly. I get shocked every time I visit Etsy, most items are practically given away. I think it’s kind of sad.

    I’m sending a lot of good knitting mojo over to you, sounds like you could need it!

  4. When I briefly had the idea to start designing knits, I had the same feeling as you…knitting for WORK is so very different from knitting for pleasure. I realized I couldn’t do it.

    I hope things work out–your designs are lovely!

    Don’t let all the pressure get to you. I find a lot of solace in my family, even when they’re driving me crazy!

  5. have you thought about a corporate captive audience as a means for moving your product. There are a lot of companies that invite/sign up vendors to come in and sell their wears. Often you are the sole vendor for the day- no competition. A lot of people shop because they dont have to go outside and stand online, etc. The exposure could lead to additional/residual orders/sales after the fact. I dont know if child care would be an issue for a daytime gig.

    I could put you in touch with my firm if you wanted to bring your stuff in to sell it. Let me know. Leave me a PM here and I will get back to you asap.

  6. Forgot to tell you that I love your stuff. Hospitals are another place that you could do well. Contact the Public affairs office of a local hospital to see if they have vendor parlors.

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