To steek or not to steek…

That is the question. I planed for it, but now I’m sort of chickening out. It has been sitting like this in my knitting basket since May. I want nice bracelet length sleeves too.

What would you do? Steek or nice pullover?

Silky Steek Sweater

Silky Steek Sweater


12 thoughts on “To steek or not to steek…

  1. I don’t know. I’ve never steeked (too scared) but I never want to hold someone else back. I think it’s cute as a pullover, though.

  2. HI, I was so scared about steeking that I had my mother do it for me, I was 52 and she was 74 and had done it once before. It really does work if that is what you want. Jo

  3. The back is super cute! I’d steek it if you’d really like a cardi, and not if pullover is what you want. But don’t skip steeking just because you’re scared!

  4. Ditto what Tora said. Decide what you’d like the item to be without putting ‘fear of steeking’ into the mix. If a cardigan wins, take a leap of faith [or would that be cut of faith?]. What a cute sweater it will be either way.

  5. Late in the game, but wow, this is beautifully shaped. This is the kind of thing I want to learn how to design and make for myself — the whole reason I started knitting. Too bad it takes me so very long to knit anything.

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