I’ve been nursing a series of small disappointments lately. I was feeling rather proud of myself for handling them so well, until they started to snowball. Who knows, I may be reacting this way due to the very little sleep I’ve been getting. With school starting I have been trying really hard to stop going to bed at 2 or 3 am. Well, the girl twin has decided that she would like to wake me up at that time instead. Wake me up with loud wailing cries, unnecessary loud wailing cries. She wants absolutely nothing. Except to cry, and for me to sit where she can see me. With my eyes open. If I close them she gets started again.

Also, my Knit Picks order still hasn’t arrived. I realize now that I have been spoiled by Little Knits. The late order is doubly frustrating because the yarn ordered was for two specific purposes, both with deadlines attached. I have promised my sister a hat for her birthday. We have preemptively dubbed it “The Greatest Hat in all the Land”! You can imagine that this is a lot to live up to and that I would like to get started sooner rather than later. 

The rest of the yarn is for a pattern submission. I have several in the works, none of which are working out at the time. And the snowball gets larger and more terrible 😦

At least the sweater I’m working on fits great and is nearly done.

Petal by Stephanie Japel

I’m still deciding on sleeve length. I have more than enough yarn to make the sleeves long, but I like the length the pattern uses. Then I think that a nice fitted three quarter length would look great too.

Well, shit! You see how the joy of a near FO can be snuffed out by indecision. Crap!


4 thoughts on “Denied!

  1. Ooh, pattern submissions! Don’t stress to much over it, you might have to rip and re-knit a couple of times to get it right.
    I can’t believe that Twin girl cries just when you close your eyes?! Hope you get more sleep soon 🙂

  2. Now you got me waiting on the greatest hat ever!

    And I say go with 3/4 sleeves…you can always layer it.

    Good luck with school! And hope you get some rest soon!

  3. oh no!!! it does sound like a lot of problems rolled into one big snowball 😦 bet ya wonder girl twin is going through the separation anxiety which is where peanut is right now. not easy considering we JUST moved apartment yesterday AND she went to one nap for good last week. i feel your pain sister!

  4. awww,
    i’m sorry lady. i just got a puppy so i hear you on the crying thing. i’m sure your little girl is far more intense but, i’m new to this whole “i’m crying until you come and save me from this area and pay attention to me thing (at 6am)”. everything will work out, things always do 🙂

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