Help me choose

Which of these should I use for the cover of my doll pattern?

Pattern cover


I’ve finished the pattern, and checked it twice. I must admit, I can’t shake this nagging feeling that as soon as I publish it someone will email me telling me that they’ve found errors. I’m feeling anxious about it because this will be the first time I’m charging for a pattern. But for now I need to choose a cover. I was all for group number two, until the girls and I frolicked around the Pratt campus with my sister this afternoon. I may have went a little photo happy 🙂

My creation

So, which one do you like? Did you see one you preferred over on my flickr? Let me know.


Send Help!

I am in big trouble. My natural tendency to become distracted is rearing its head. I have been going strong on my “work” knitting. I haven’t even been tempted to knit anything else. I had been riding a doll making high that was rather satisfying. 


I went to a knitting meetup on Wednesday. There I laughed and knit with many lovely ladies. I had a great time and went home exhausted and anxious for the next time I may be able to make a meeting. Let me tell you how this wonderfully good time is to blame for my current state. One of the ladies there had on a Karate jacket by Twinkle.

Do you see now where I’m going?

I must have a chunky knit cardi. I must! I actually had dreams of wearing one. A dream, can you believe it? I hardly pay attention to what I wear when I’m awake. 

The problem is, I don’t have that book. I don’t want to buy it. The Brooklyn libraries don’t have it and the NY branches copies are all checked out (except for one in SI, I don’t want it that bad). I checked Ravelry and I was tricked into thinking I had an issue of Vogue Knitting with this one in it. I’ve been thinking of buying this pattern, but I hate knitting cables. Though these shouldn’t take long. This one is also a strong contender. 

I stayed up to nearly 4am knitting with two strands of Ella Rae Classic, trying to come up with something I liked the look of. I’ve had little success. 

Send Help!



I knit on this doll sized beret for most of the day. I had to rip back three(!!!) times. Forgot to decrease, decreased too many times and in the wrong spots. I could have made an adult sized in half the time.


I’ve been working on these for days. I think I finally got them right. The only thing that remains, working out how I’m supposed to give them away once I’m done.
Missy and Son#1 have both been trying to steal her away for play time. The boy told me she was beautiful and great. Come on kid!

Opinions please

What do you think of this dress? I think it’s cute, but I imagined it a bit more fitted. She’s narrow under there, especially in the hip area. It’s late so Missy is asleep right now. I know I can get an honest doll fanatic opinion from her in the morning. But I want to know what you all think too.

 Dress, front



Yesterday was Son #1’s birthday. He is three now, a little old man in a boys body. I swear it seems like he should be older. I love him, even as he drives me crazy* 😉 We didn’t do much, we usually don’t for b-days, but I have a knit toy in mind just for him. I can’t wait to get started.                                

Thanks to him, and the delight he takes in holding dolls by the hair to make them walk, I know that this doll will hold up very well. The first one doesn’t look worse for wear and she has been man handled by all four of them. 

Oh! I also have a pattern question. I still want to offer the pattern for the doll, but I would like to charge a fee. When paying for a doll pattern do you expect tutorials (photo or written) explaining how to create the face and hair? I would like to include a template for the shades the original wears and a pattern for shoes, which I am currently working on. Do you generally expect much beyond that?



*Btw, I’ve calmed down from my relatively hyped state from yesterdays post. I think the long, impromptu nap I had on the sofa earlier helped 🙂 I can get a little excitable when stressed and low on sleep.

Stitches by the dollar

I recently answered an ad posted by a local art gallery. They were looking for hand knits to sell alongside the artwork displayed. I corresponded with the owner who liked my work based on the photos I sent her. We met in person and she told me of her plan to expand her gallery to include functional art (like knitwear) and smaller art pieces than what she currently offered. 

We discussed what she would like to display, giving me the option to create what I wanted to. We set a tentative deadline for the end of the month. I wrote a schedule, researched prices and got started cranking out hats and working on dolls.

And then I realized just how hard it is to stitch for the dollars.

Stitching for Dollars

 1. Noro Hat, top, 2. Pea Green Earflap, back, 3. Simply Red Beret, 4. Doll in progress


I would be happy not to touch my needles (or hooks) for at least a week. But if I did my schedule would be thrown off. Also, I still have design projects giving me a fit and a hat for my sister and the steek sweater that I’m dying to chop and Petal still needs sleeves and the the kids need hats and I need to sleep and clean my house and do laundry. You get the idea. 

I think I could continue to push myself if I had any kind of guarantee for success. After putting so much work into sewing last year to have very few flea market sales and even fewer on etsy, I’m being realistic when I say all the work could be fruitless. Add that to my (many) unsuccessful attempts to find part time work, more writing contest BS and the general knocking around involved with caring for four children and it all adds up to be too much. 

But, I like to honor my word. So, I will work down the list I made and continue having fun experimenting with free form knitting and crocheting. Once my shelf is stocked at the end of the month I’ll have to wait and see, which is always the hardest part. 

New Free Pattern

I was contacted recently by the lovely Canary Sanctuary of Canary Knits about being featured on her blog. Imagine my surprise and delight! Of course I readily agreed. As I took a peak at the other indie designers she featured I started to feel a little out of place. Those ladies kick serious design ass. I wanted to kick ass too 🙂

So, to get started on my ass kickin’ mission I’m releasing another freebie, the Oops! Hat pattern.

Oops Earflap Hat



I can’t wait to see if anyone knits one up! 

Well, back to work 🙂