Baby knits

I think finishing my Ravelympics events so rapidly made me lose my mojo. I wound yarn into balls, matched it to one pattern and another and then…nothing. So I decided to knit that baby sweater that I needed and made all of this progress:


and I’m not sure that I like it. The neck seems to wide and I fudged the instructions by adding the neck and button bands on as I knit. It may have been a mistake. So I may re-group and knit more hats for the Ravelympics. I got Itty Bitty Hats from the library and plan to make a couple hats from it, thus satisfying both Hat Dash knitting and baby gift knitting. 

I also got some great mail today, my tea swap package!

Tea Swap Package Received!


You can click through to flickr for details. I can tell you this much though, a lot of that chocolate is gone now and the Market spice tea’s aroma is calling me from the cabinet:)


2 thoughts on “Baby knits

  1. I see what you mean about that baby sweater. Perhaps pull it out and try again? You can always modify the pattern to make the neck less wide, too. I just came across a great pattern for a baby sweater today (posted on my blog).

    And that tea package looks amazing! How would one get involved in such swaps as this?

  2. Gah, has it been that long since I came to this blog?? It seems like you’ve been posting every day for a week, lol! While I haven’t been posting at all. I’m glad to see Ravelympics is going well for you! Send some mojo this way.

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