My kind of athleticism

I have the lest hand-eye-foot coordination of anyone that I know. Seriously, I can’t even dance. But I can knit. So the Ravelympics is my kind of athletic event!

I’ll be reppin’ for Team Brooklyn and Team Twilight. I have set myself a personal challenge to knit as many hats, cowls and toys as I can during those 17 days.

First up, the Piksi hat, which I can only hope will look as cute me on as it does on its, very stylish, namesake.

Second, this Feather and Fan cowl.

Third, a little frog for the kiddies to fight over.

Fourth, a crochet cowl. I like to keep it interesting 🙂

The fifth project, the Capitan hat, presents an actual challenge for me, cables. I still cannot get the hang of cabling without a cable needle and using one seriously slows me down.

If I get past the Capitan, I’ll jump into hats for the boys, another cowl and another toy to fight over. Although to be honest, where fights are concerned, the girl wonder twin nearly always wins. 

There are more waiting in the queue too. A lace tam, to be knit out of the most lovely Noro Cash Iroha. One of Lolly‘s cowls, a really warm work hat for the husband, and two of Brooklyntweed’s hats. It’s a lot to fit in considering that I still have a baby project to knit before the 17th. Heh…if it was easy, it wouldn’t be a challenge.


3 thoughts on “My kind of athleticism

  1. whew!

    good luck on your knitting!!

    i wish i had more time to knit and participate but alas, starving student must wait tables 23 hours a day.



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