Oops… I did it again

I ordered more yarn. 

I really used to pride myself on my self control, particularly when it came to material purchases. This stunning lack of self control says

“Self control? Not so much”.

Oops... I did it again, I ordered more yarn.

1. Ella Rae Smoky Grey, 2. Silk Garden Lite 2018, 3. Ella Rae Biege, 4. Cash Iroha Purple/Lavender, 5. Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big Fuschia, 6. Opal Sock Deep Plum Purple, 7. Opal Sock Fushcia

I’ve asked my husband to stop encouraging these slips (he loves to say “As long as the kids are clothed and you’re not spending grocery money, what’s the big deal”) and to start reminding me that I said I would stop. At least these all have projects attached to them.

Oh. I changed my blog theme, that black was bringing me down.


3 thoughts on “Oops… I did it again

  1. Does your husband have any single brothers/cousins/friends/frat brothers? With an appreciation for hand-knits of course!

    You are so lucky! A husband who supports the obsession.

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