This is what happens…

when you knit for the wrong reasons. I was more concerned with racking up Ravelympics projects than what I was actually making and who it was for. I’m still not sure where I went wrong.

Pattern: Tamarind cowl
Yarn: Ancient Cascade 220
Needles: size 7’s
To the frog pond.


Golden Peach Tea

My Tea Swap partner was extremely generous in making her package(s) for me. She has provided me with several teas that I have never tasted and some that I have never even seen before. I have always been interested in the medicinal qualities of tea. My maternal grandma has been a tea drinker for as long as I can remember. She was the first person I knew who drank loose tea and she was always trying to make us drink ones that tasted bad to help with whatever ailed us. It has been my goal for a while to try to incorporate more teas in my repertoire and to use some of those “nasty” good for you teas when feeling out of sorts.

Of the many teas my partner sent I am going to try

St. Dalfour’s Golden Peach Tea first.The packet states that the tea is 100% pure and natural certified organic tea. My body may not know how to react to it 😀

I’m off to enjoy a cup now and will continue this post when I’m done.

Well, this tea lives up to its reputation. The flavor is so delicate and subtle and yet bold enough to stand on its own. It’s an odd, but pleasing combination. I almost always add milk to my tea, I resisted with this one so that I could taste its true flavor. Also, I ruined some teas by adding milk and I was little worried about wasting the only bag I had. 

I’m glad caution won out this time. The tea is yummy just the way it is. As predicted, I will now be on the hunt for a local supplier of St. Dalfour tea! Although I could always order those Harmony Guides I’ve been wanting from Amazon and add in a few boxes to my order for good measure 🙂

Baby knits

I think finishing my Ravelympics events so rapidly made me lose my mojo. I wound yarn into balls, matched it to one pattern and another and then…nothing. So I decided to knit that baby sweater that I needed and made all of this progress:


and I’m not sure that I like it. The neck seems to wide and I fudged the instructions by adding the neck and button bands on as I knit. It may have been a mistake. So I may re-group and knit more hats for the Ravelympics. I got Itty Bitty Hats from the library and plan to make a couple hats from it, thus satisfying both Hat Dash knitting and baby gift knitting. 

I also got some great mail today, my tea swap package!

Tea Swap Package Received!


You can click through to flickr for details. I can tell you this much though, a lot of that chocolate is gone now and the Market spice tea’s aroma is calling me from the cabinet:)

Easy Peasy

I’ve finished one project for each of my events already!! Meeting even the most trivial of goals is a great feeling! The following were are knit from Debbie Bliss Merino Aran. 

The Hat Dash (size 7 needles)

Brooklyn Piksi

The Cowl Jump (size 9 {top half} and 10.5 {bottom half})

Feather and Fan Cowl

The Amigurumi-n-toy Toss (size G hook, wings knit flat)

Black Beak the Bird

Black Beak the bird says see ya’ with more FO’s soon 😀

Lets get ready to RUMBLE!

I’ve got books

Current book selection 

a fancy new mug full of tea

Fancy new mug
and all this stash that hope to finally be knit up!

Ravelympics yarn


ETA: I was reminded of something while over at Through the Loops. This years Olympic games (the non-knitting one :D) has a blemish. Like Kirsten, I never get into politics or religion on my blog but, I support everyone’s right to freedom I would like to state for the record that I believe:

               “None of us are free until ALL of us are free”

Pomo Golightly has posted a contest for those that would like to show their support by adding this sentiment to their blog. She also links to this organization for those who would like more information on ways to help.

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

My kind of athleticism

I have the lest hand-eye-foot coordination of anyone that I know. Seriously, I can’t even dance. But I can knit. So the Ravelympics is my kind of athletic event!

I’ll be reppin’ for Team Brooklyn and Team Twilight. I have set myself a personal challenge to knit as many hats, cowls and toys as I can during those 17 days.

First up, the Piksi hat, which I can only hope will look as cute me on as it does on its, very stylish, namesake.

Second, this Feather and Fan cowl.

Third, a little frog for the kiddies to fight over.

Fourth, a crochet cowl. I like to keep it interesting 🙂

The fifth project, the Capitan hat, presents an actual challenge for me, cables. I still cannot get the hang of cabling without a cable needle and using one seriously slows me down.

If I get past the Capitan, I’ll jump into hats for the boys, another cowl and another toy to fight over. Although to be honest, where fights are concerned, the girl wonder twin nearly always wins. 

There are more waiting in the queue too. A lace tam, to be knit out of the most lovely Noro Cash Iroha. One of Lolly‘s cowls, a really warm work hat for the husband, and two of Brooklyntweed’s hats. It’s a lot to fit in considering that I still have a baby project to knit before the 17th. Heh…if it was easy, it wouldn’t be a challenge.