Cause I felt like blogging

I sometimes plan posts in my head for days and then when I sit down to write I have too much to say for one post. Well to hell with that. I don’t have much of anything to say right now, but I’m gonna say it anyway. So…today I ventured out in the sweltering heat to mail off my

Tea Wallet Swap package.For a Tea Wallet swap on Ravelry

Along with the tea wallet I included a little travel place mat, a skein of yarn (obv. not shown) and a lined Moleskine with some hand drawing on the cover. I’m only a so-so drawer, but my sister is a fantastic artist. I admire her visual talent and she admires my way with words ;0) One of these days we’ll team up to try take over the world! Imagine that said in my best Brain voice.

While out, I stopped by our local tattoo parlor for some price estimates. I want three more tattoos. Today I inquired about two of them. I want the word “Write” on the inside of my right wrist, and my school motto (and all around good motto) “Nil sine magno labore” across my shoulder. It says “Nothing without great effort” in latin.

Lets see… What else. Today I will also start working on my Zine for the Zine swap organized by NikkiShell of Mixtape Zine. I’m still deciding between two ideas. I’m very excited by the prospect of getting feedback from the other swap participants. I’ve actually been wanting to put some of my short stories out there to get some opinions. This is a good way to start. Well… that’s all for now.


One thought on “Cause I felt like blogging

  1. Everything in that package is so nice! I love the harmonious colors.

    You know the Essence short story contest is open now; deadline is 9/30!

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