Oh…btw, I'm back

I should have posted sooner to let you all know that the hotel had a “business center” with a computer so I was not without access after all 😉 Though they should have called it a meat locker with a computer it was so cold in there. Ridiculous!


My kiddies loved the pool. All of them, shocking this is. We didn’t make it to the beach (our main reason for going) due to the scare of thunderstorms. But a great time was had by all despite that.

In the pool!

We had the pool to ourselves and the children slept sounder and longer than they do at home. Weird. They were relatively quiet and very well behaved, I am so grateful. I would have been more grateful if they didn’t return to their 7am wake up time the very next day after we returned home. 

The baby knitting was stalled. I’m not sure I like the pattern so much in person. I love all of the versions on Ravelry, but I’m not loving the texture so far. I may try a different yarn. I was prepared with another knitting option so I did get some vacay knitting done.

I started Petal. I finished a little past the raglan increases while there and since returning home I am nearly done with the body. I’m knitting it up in some pink Cashsoft Dk and I’m loving it. I’m coming to accept that I’m a selfish knitter, and I’m okay with that 😉 Not very many things are just for me.

Next time I will demonstrate my lack of self control by showing you even more new yarn. I will tell you all about my story for the 24 hour story contest I recently entered. And I will give you the run down of my overly ambitious knitting olympics list. It even has some stuff for other people on it. Imagine that!


3 thoughts on “Oh…btw, I'm back

  1. Kids love pools! no doubt about it. i remember spending hours there when I was young, but when i took my nieces last month, i was ready to leave after about 20 minutes… funny how things change!

  2. The kids look like they’re having a blast. Playing in water will tire them out, so that works!

    Good luck in the 24-hour contest…I only entered once, but didn’t win. Hope you fare better!

  3. look at that baby belly!!! my favorite part of all babies 🙂 glad to hear the vacation was just that, a vacation 🙂 it’s not always that way with kids!

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