Vacation Knitting!!!

I never thought I would join the club, but I will be doing some vacation knitting very soon! We are taking the kiddies to the Jersey Shore to do some beach and pool frolicking outside of the city limits. We are all very excited (and for me a little nervous). We haven’t been away together since our sextet was a trio. Wow, Missy was just a baby then. It’s so easy to get stuck in one place when you have to try to schedule away time around two jobs (three when I was still working), school, and the weather. But ’tis no matter, away we will all be soon enough.

So. The vacay knitting. I have a baby shower to go to in August for a friend I made on my study abroad trip to Africa. We have kept in touch via email but we haven’t seen much of each other. She is a fantastic person to gift handknits. She has an appreciation for all things creative. 

I’ll be knitting this sweater, these booties (pdf), and this hat (sans ears…maybe) FO photos for each at this, this, and this Rav link. But a yarn decision is in the works.

Baby knitting yarn options

Mint or cream TLC Cotton Plus: Washable, soft, durable. Possibly the best choice.

Eye searing hot pink Cotton Flamme: Washable, soft, durable and kinda edgy. But, perhaps too eye searing.

Pink, purple or white miscellaneous Baby Acrylics: Washable, soft, durable. But maybe not as nice as the other yarns.

Trusty cherry Shine Sport: All of the above pros. At only two, possibly partial skeins, the yardage is short.

Hand-dyed green and purple sock yarn: I may never knit socks so this may be the only use for these beautiful yarns. But, I don’t know whether either of these are super wash, and this will be baby #4 for my friend. No mom of four should give hand-wash only clothing to another mom of four. I’m just saying.

I have a little while to decide, but as of now, I’m leaning heavily toward the cotton plus. Opinion?


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