A pretty good week (so far)

Good stuff about this week:

My little sister may have finally crossed over to the knitters side! She asked me to show her how to cast on again. She took some needles and a skein of Wool of the Andes back to campus with her on Monday. I am so proud of the fact that I did not unload any of the shitty stash on the unsuspecting 🙂


After going stir crazy for several days I got a chance to go out alone this week. I got off of the train at Broadway and Nassau and walked all the way to 34th street! I love to walk. As long as I have my iPod and comfy shoes I can walk anywhere. Along the way to 34th street I stopped by Lush and got a fantastic hand massage. I left many dollars lighter with some Ocean Salts and a Buffy bar in my bag. They may compete with yarn cash. Maybe.


My feet were protesting when I got home though. But that night, by some small miracle, all of the children were asleep by 9 o’clock. (Well it wasn’t actually a miracle, they all woke up at about 7 am that day. WHY? I ask you.) I got to soak my weary feet and watch Juno on dvd. I really enjoyed it so the day stayed great.

While that day still comes out on top, today wasn’t so bad because….my Little Knits order came. Yarn!

Non crap yarn!
1. Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine in Teal, 2. Queensland Kathmandu DK, 3. Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine in Vino


Now I have to resist the urge to cast on for a new project. I’m on the right front of Lush and Lacy and I love how it’s coming out in Cathay. The stitches look so crisp and neat 🙂 I may make it long sleeved too, 1 ball was enough to make the front so that will leave two balls each for the sleeves. That will be a long sleeved L&L sweater and my Liesl bolero with one bag of yarn. Sweet!


2 thoughts on “A pretty good week (so far)

  1. I am now learning that I may have to avoid your blog because of all the yarn goodness. It’s quite tempting…^_^…Wait, are you making yet another cardi?! Oh, the madness! ^_^

  2. Oooh I could use a hand massage right now! That’s my fav! So proud of you for giving the Sis some WOTA. I usually pass off the acrylic because I’m too selfish to give up the good stuff! You’re a much nicer knitter than I! 😉

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