How many cardis does one person need?

Sparked by the upcoming Knitting Olympics, I spent a good portion of yesterday organizing my queue, photographing my stash, and matching the two up. This has lead to some startling conclusions. One, I have at current more than fifteen cardigans either in my queue, knit up, or on the needles. I have really tried to look at them objectively. Will I enjoy knitting and wearing it? If yes, then it stays. But will I need quite so many cardis? 

Conclusion number two, I have a lot more yarn than I thought, and much of it is crap.
A selection of crap yarn Selection of crap yarn for your perusal

Some of it was so bad I couldn’t bring myself to photograph it, think Red Heart acrylic camouflage. What could I have been thinking? I’m still at a loss as to what to do with it.

While bad stash in itself is not really uncommon, cataloging it in such a way really drives it home. I had recently taken the stash down (from the top of the bedroom closet) in front of my husband. When I was done searching through it like a madwoman he remarked that he had no idea that I had so much yarn. 

What his muggle eyes couldn’t see that any knitter could have, there are few yarns that are usable, and even fewer in large enough quantities to make garments. By comparison to most, my stash is small. But it can be seen as quite large by a select few.

I’m expecting three more bags of yarn from my dear, favorite, most well loved Little Knits. With that addition I will currently have enough yarn to knit the most desired large items from my queue and enough miscellanous stash to make most of the hats, cowls, mittens, etc…

So while I have no plans to go on a stash diet, or formally join any knit from your stash a-longs, I do plan to utilize some of the things that have been lingering since I began this knitting journey some years ago. I’m kind of excited to see how much I can eek out of what I have. And I am perhaps too excited to start the Olympics :0) But I’ll save that for another post.


6 thoughts on “How many cardis does one person need?

  1. I feel your pain, lol. I gave away 2 large boxes of all my acrylics last year to salvation army and a large garbage bag of “I ain’t never goin’ use this” to 2 young teenage sisters who babysit for me. My stash is still ridiculous. My husband doesn’t even mention the wall hogging stash in the garage anymore.

  2. I’m sure there are lots of beginning knitters that would love some yarn…but as to the cardi thing, I do that with socks. There are at least 30 sock patterns in the queue. Now I want another cardi…^_^

  3. Dude – keep the Debbie Bliss, there are tons of patterns out there for little bitty things that make great gifts that you could use that yarn for. Try one of the One Skein Wonder books or the pattern search on Ravelry.

    I still have pink/black/white furry camo yarn in my stash and I don’t know why!

  4. I, for one, think that a girl can never have too many cardis! Knit on dear, I’m on cardi highway with you. Though I’m not sure I have quite as many in the queue as you. 😉
    I too have the same target boucle yarn. What in the world were we thinking?

  5. OMG, I am expecting a shipment of yarn form Little Knits, too. I couldn’t resist their last sale. I ave stalking the online UPS tracker. It suppose to come tomorrow and I will be stalking the UPS guy. Thank goodness he is super nice.

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