Cause I felt like blogging

I sometimes plan posts in my head for days and then when I sit down to write I have too much to say for one post. Well to hell with that. I don’t have much of anything to say right now, but I’m gonna say it anyway. So…today I ventured out in the sweltering heat to mail off my

Tea Wallet Swap package.For a Tea Wallet swap on Ravelry

Along with the tea wallet I included a little travel place mat, a skein of yarn (obv. not shown) and a lined Moleskine with some hand drawing on the cover. I’m only a so-so drawer, but my sister is a fantastic artist. I admire her visual talent and she admires my way with words ;0) One of these days we’ll team up to try take over the world! Imagine that said in my best Brain voice.

While out, I stopped by our local tattoo parlor for some price estimates. I want three more tattoos. Today I inquired about two of them. I want the word “Write” on the inside of my right wrist, and my school motto (and all around good motto) “Nil sine magno labore” across my shoulder. It says “Nothing without great effort” in latin.

Lets see… What else. Today I will also start working on my Zine for the Zine swap organized by NikkiShell of Mixtape Zine. I’m still deciding between two ideas. I’m very excited by the prospect of getting feedback from the other swap participants. I’ve actually been wanting to put some of my short stories out there to get some opinions. This is a good way to start. Well… that’s all for now.


Oh…btw, I'm back

I should have posted sooner to let you all know that the hotel had a “business center” with a computer so I was not without access after all 😉 Though they should have called it a meat locker with a computer it was so cold in there. Ridiculous!


My kiddies loved the pool. All of them, shocking this is. We didn’t make it to the beach (our main reason for going) due to the scare of thunderstorms. But a great time was had by all despite that.

In the pool!

We had the pool to ourselves and the children slept sounder and longer than they do at home. Weird. They were relatively quiet and very well behaved, I am so grateful. I would have been more grateful if they didn’t return to their 7am wake up time the very next day after we returned home. 

The baby knitting was stalled. I’m not sure I like the pattern so much in person. I love all of the versions on Ravelry, but I’m not loving the texture so far. I may try a different yarn. I was prepared with another knitting option so I did get some vacay knitting done.

I started Petal. I finished a little past the raglan increases while there and since returning home I am nearly done with the body. I’m knitting it up in some pink Cashsoft Dk and I’m loving it. I’m coming to accept that I’m a selfish knitter, and I’m okay with that 😉 Not very many things are just for me.

Next time I will demonstrate my lack of self control by showing you even more new yarn. I will tell you all about my story for the 24 hour story contest I recently entered. And I will give you the run down of my overly ambitious knitting olympics list. It even has some stuff for other people on it. Imagine that!

Withdrawal Symptoms

In a few hours I will be away from computer for several days. I can feel the shakes coming on now ;0)

I think I will get a lot of knitting and reading done when not wrangling children.

Wish me sanity, wish me luck and wish me good travels my friends.

See you soon!

Vacation Knitting!!!

I never thought I would join the club, but I will be doing some vacation knitting very soon! We are taking the kiddies to the Jersey Shore to do some beach and pool frolicking outside of the city limits. We are all very excited (and for me a little nervous). We haven’t been away together since our sextet was a trio. Wow, Missy was just a baby then. It’s so easy to get stuck in one place when you have to try to schedule away time around two jobs (three when I was still working), school, and the weather. But ’tis no matter, away we will all be soon enough.

So. The vacay knitting. I have a baby shower to go to in August for a friend I made on my study abroad trip to Africa. We have kept in touch via email but we haven’t seen much of each other. She is a fantastic person to gift handknits. She has an appreciation for all things creative. 

I’ll be knitting this sweater, these booties (pdf), and this hat (sans ears…maybe) FO photos for each at this, this, and this Rav link. But a yarn decision is in the works.

Baby knitting yarn options

Mint or cream TLC Cotton Plus: Washable, soft, durable. Possibly the best choice.

Eye searing hot pink Cotton Flamme: Washable, soft, durable and kinda edgy. But, perhaps too eye searing.

Pink, purple or white miscellaneous Baby Acrylics: Washable, soft, durable. But maybe not as nice as the other yarns.

Trusty cherry Shine Sport: All of the above pros. At only two, possibly partial skeins, the yardage is short.

Hand-dyed green and purple sock yarn: I may never knit socks so this may be the only use for these beautiful yarns. But, I don’t know whether either of these are super wash, and this will be baby #4 for my friend. No mom of four should give hand-wash only clothing to another mom of four. I’m just saying.

I have a little while to decide, but as of now, I’m leaning heavily toward the cotton plus. Opinion?

A pretty good week (so far)

Good stuff about this week:

My little sister may have finally crossed over to the knitters side! She asked me to show her how to cast on again. She took some needles and a skein of Wool of the Andes back to campus with her on Monday. I am so proud of the fact that I did not unload any of the shitty stash on the unsuspecting 🙂


After going stir crazy for several days I got a chance to go out alone this week. I got off of the train at Broadway and Nassau and walked all the way to 34th street! I love to walk. As long as I have my iPod and comfy shoes I can walk anywhere. Along the way to 34th street I stopped by Lush and got a fantastic hand massage. I left many dollars lighter with some Ocean Salts and a Buffy bar in my bag. They may compete with yarn cash. Maybe.


My feet were protesting when I got home though. But that night, by some small miracle, all of the children were asleep by 9 o’clock. (Well it wasn’t actually a miracle, they all woke up at about 7 am that day. WHY? I ask you.) I got to soak my weary feet and watch Juno on dvd. I really enjoyed it so the day stayed great.

While that day still comes out on top, today wasn’t so bad because….my Little Knits order came. Yarn!

Non crap yarn!
1. Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine in Teal, 2. Queensland Kathmandu DK, 3. Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine in Vino


Now I have to resist the urge to cast on for a new project. I’m on the right front of Lush and Lacy and I love how it’s coming out in Cathay. The stitches look so crisp and neat 🙂 I may make it long sleeved too, 1 ball was enough to make the front so that will leave two balls each for the sleeves. That will be a long sleeved L&L sweater and my Liesl bolero with one bag of yarn. Sweet!

More stuff I want to remember: The Boy Twin Edition

Big boy haircut


My last baby no longer looks like one. It was a little sad watching his hair go. Although if I’m going to be honest, it was high time we did something with it 🙂

  • He handled the haircut better than I thought he would. He sat still and only cried when a tangled section was cut. 
  • He was unusually subdued right afterward. 
  • He simultaneously looks more like his brother, my dad and my little brother. 
  • I know I’m his mommy but I think he is even cuter than before 🙂
  • His mood picked back up in a big way. He has climbed over, crawled under, or pushed out of his way every obstacle we set up to keep him corralled in one place. It’s like a game for him, a game that he is really, really good at.
  • We are now officially faced with the decision of putting him in a toddler bed. I walked into my bedroom this morning and found him with one leg slung over the side of the bed. Can you say YIKES!
  • He loves to share his (wet, soggy, crumpled) food with everyone. He is very sweet and giving. I hope he always stays that way.
  • He is also a momma’s boy. He clings to me like I may disappear when I pick him up.
  • He is so huge that with the short hair it’s hard to tell the difference between the two boys from a distance. By the time they’re five or so, people will start thinking he and Woodji are the the twins.   ETA: Woodji just looked at the pic above and thought it was him. They look that much alike.
  • Lastly I always want to remember how much I love him right now, so that the teen years are easier to stomach 🙂

How many cardis does one person need?

Sparked by the upcoming Knitting Olympics, I spent a good portion of yesterday organizing my queue, photographing my stash, and matching the two up. This has lead to some startling conclusions. One, I have at current more than fifteen cardigans either in my queue, knit up, or on the needles. I have really tried to look at them objectively. Will I enjoy knitting and wearing it? If yes, then it stays. But will I need quite so many cardis? 

Conclusion number two, I have a lot more yarn than I thought, and much of it is crap.
A selection of crap yarn Selection of crap yarn for your perusal

Some of it was so bad I couldn’t bring myself to photograph it, think Red Heart acrylic camouflage. What could I have been thinking? I’m still at a loss as to what to do with it.

While bad stash in itself is not really uncommon, cataloging it in such a way really drives it home. I had recently taken the stash down (from the top of the bedroom closet) in front of my husband. When I was done searching through it like a madwoman he remarked that he had no idea that I had so much yarn. 

What his muggle eyes couldn’t see that any knitter could have, there are few yarns that are usable, and even fewer in large enough quantities to make garments. By comparison to most, my stash is small. But it can be seen as quite large by a select few.

I’m expecting three more bags of yarn from my dear, favorite, most well loved Little Knits. With that addition I will currently have enough yarn to knit the most desired large items from my queue and enough miscellanous stash to make most of the hats, cowls, mittens, etc…

So while I have no plans to go on a stash diet, or formally join any knit from your stash a-longs, I do plan to utilize some of the things that have been lingering since I began this knitting journey some years ago. I’m kind of excited to see how much I can eek out of what I have. And I am perhaps too excited to start the Olympics :0) But I’ll save that for another post.