Excellent Etsy Shops

In this post I briefly discussed what I would do I if were a billionaire. Well, after reading  many responses to this meme on other blogs, my list expanded greatly. One more thing that I can add for certain, lots and lots of shopping on Etsy! I would sit and order absolutely everything from every shop in my favorites.

It would be brilliant :0)

I’ve shown you buttons I’ve purchased from etsy before, which ironically are the only new buttons I’ve gotten around to using. So when I found myself in need of new blue buttons I headed straight there. So, I was lurking around, trying to find something suitable for Lush and Lacy, the Super Girl blue edition when I stumbled across these

 Hello lovelies 🙂

Photo and buttons from Kallie Design

Never mind the fact that these are not really a match for that particular shade of blue. I had to have them.

These however, are a much more suitable choice and equally beautiful to boot*.


Photo and buttons from Button Farm

Later that evening while knitting, and feeling really pleased with my purchases, I became annoyed with my split stitch markers. The working yarn kept getting caught in them. Given that I was working with a very splitty yarn this was particularly annoying. I headed back to etsy and found exactly what I was looking for (how often does that happen?)! After a funny little exchange with the shop owner I received these beauties in my mailbox. I may never use another type of stitch marker again. 


Photo and buttons from Suann Stitches

* I can’t use common phrases around Missy. She needs solid definitions for what things mean. So answering her questions with things like “I guess so” only leads to a lengthy discussion of exactly what I mean by that. 


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