Good Influences

As an adult I have spent a lot of time learning and doing things that I should have in school (insert a long monologue about the shortcomings of public school, oblivious parents, and youthful arrogance here). Many previously ignored topics were now fascinating and interesting in ways that they never were before. I attribute some to maturing but much to reading blogs.

When I discovered blogs I was fascinated. The knitting was the initial draw, but the lives and interests of the people were powerful in themselves. It was a chance to “hang out” with people who would have intimidated me in real life. People who are super smart, cultured, worldly. People who love learning and yoga, people who make classic literature sound relatable and readable. I’ve learned about being green and gardening, and making small changes. My definition of beauty has changed, my acceptance of me enhanced. I have been cheered on when happy and cheered up when sad. I am inspired to set and achieve goals based on my own criteria for greatness. I am inspired me to be a better writer, a better knitter, a better me I think. Thanks guys!  

 Good Influences

1. Newest Books, 2. Succulents, 3. Yoga!, 4. KNIT. Tote 


8 thoughts on “Good Influences

  1. Wonderful sentiments! It made me realize, for the first time, that my view of the world at large and the world the media tries to sell us, has been re-shaped by reading blogs in many positive ways. Being able to learn about or reach out to real people, not shiny plastic people, is so much more uplifting and inspiring! Thank you for voicing this.

  2. I feel the same way – more connected, whole and validated in my own choices.
    btw you might want to try reading Edith Wharton if you enjoy the selections above. I recommend Ethan Frome – one of my all-time tragic literary loves and The Age of Innocence 🙂

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