I think I’m one of those people destined to struggle with simple things. Take this for example:

You will have to pretend you’re looking at a photo of me in an ill fitting Boobholder knit in black Cotton Fleece. You would be looking at the actual photo if my camera hadn’t eaten it. Sorry to force you to use your imagination in such an unimaginative way. Looks like the WTF in the post title is even more appropriate now. 

When I first got interested in knitting this was the first pattern I tried. I did not understand the concept of the raglan construction then. It is clear that I get raglans now. My latest FO exhibits that. So maybe one of you can explain why this mini sweater fits like a sack. The image of what I wanted this to look like is so clear in my head that I was smug as I pulled it on. Well my smug smile was slapped clear off my face when I had to overlap the fronts for it to fit remotely as snug as I wished it to. 

I stewed on whether or not to leave it as is or rip it. Then I remembered a promise I made myself to always fix what could be fixed. So…I will rip back and remove several (all?) of the center front increases and start the bottom section earlier. I may change it to ribbing though. We’ll see. 

I need to be diligent in finishing this, which was supposed to be a quick knit. I have several other ideas vying for attention right now, one of which I want to wear to the WWKIP event on the Brooklyn Museum steps. Are any of the Brooklynites reading this planning to attend?


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