The reluctant model

Lauri Dress Finished and Modeled

1. Lauri Dress, Front, 2. Lauri Dress,Swirl, 3. Back, 4. Pocket, 5. Sleeve with picot BO, 6. Buttons

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.


It was like pulling teeth to get photos that did not involve elaborate posing and matching shoes 🙂

Test knitting finished on time, well written pattern, clearly explained finishing directions, new skills learned, successful knit, and a happy child. All in all a great FO. Now if I could get it away from her long enough to block out the area where I knit with an unraveled skein I would love it even more. She will be wearing this tomorrow rain or shine or un-blocked.


Pattern: The Lauri Dress from Lily Go

Needles: Size 3 circs and double points

Buttons: covered buttons from one of those button kits

Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport in Blush and Cherry from the stash!! Because it’s stash yarn I have to estimate the total yarn used. I think it was nearly 5 of pink and maybe 1 1/2 of red. I didn’t have enough of one color to make it solid, so when I was at the proper skirt length I knit a few rows with Cherry and bound off. Then I went back and did the sleeves and pockets in red as well. I also did the crochet  buttonholes in red to tie it all together. We like it 🙂 


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