Excellent Etsy Shops

In this post I briefly discussed what I would do I if were a billionaire. Well, after reading  many responses to this meme on other blogs, my list expanded greatly. One more thing that I can add for certain, lots and lots of shopping on Etsy! I would sit and order absolutely everything from every shop in my favorites.

It would be brilliant :0)

I’ve shown you buttons I’ve purchased from etsy before, which ironically are the only new buttons I’ve gotten around to using. So when I found myself in need of new blue buttons I headed straight there. So, I was lurking around, trying to find something suitable for Lush and Lacy, the Super Girl blue edition when I stumbled across these

 Hello lovelies 🙂

Photo and buttons from Kallie Design

Never mind the fact that these are not really a match for that particular shade of blue. I had to have them.

These however, are a much more suitable choice and equally beautiful to boot*.


Photo and buttons from Button Farm

Later that evening while knitting, and feeling really pleased with my purchases, I became annoyed with my split stitch markers. The working yarn kept getting caught in them. Given that I was working with a very splitty yarn this was particularly annoying. I headed back to etsy and found exactly what I was looking for (how often does that happen?)! After a funny little exchange with the shop owner I received these beauties in my mailbox. I may never use another type of stitch marker again. 


Photo and buttons from Suann Stitches

* I can’t use common phrases around Missy. She needs solid definitions for what things mean. So answering her questions with things like “I guess so” only leads to a lengthy discussion of exactly what I mean by that. 


Good Influences

As an adult I have spent a lot of time learning and doing things that I should have in school (insert a long monologue about the shortcomings of public school, oblivious parents, and youthful arrogance here). Many previously ignored topics were now fascinating and interesting in ways that they never were before. I attribute some to maturing but much to reading blogs.

When I discovered blogs I was fascinated. The knitting was the initial draw, but the lives and interests of the people were powerful in themselves. It was a chance to “hang out” with people who would have intimidated me in real life. People who are super smart, cultured, worldly. People who love learning and yoga, people who make classic literature sound relatable and readable. I’ve learned about being green and gardening, and making small changes. My definition of beauty has changed, my acceptance of me enhanced. I have been cheered on when happy and cheered up when sad. I am inspired to set and achieve goals based on my own criteria for greatness. I am inspired me to be a better writer, a better knitter, a better me I think. Thanks guys!  

 Good Influences

1. Newest Books, 2. Succulents, 3. Yoga!, 4. KNIT. Tote 

How does your summer grow

Ours has been sown with actual plants and seeds.


African Violet

Herb Garden


Library openings and summer reading lists.


Photo from the Bed-Stuy Blog (forgot my camera)

Great mini swap packages that foster new (quiet!) hobbies for Missy.

Missy's first embroidery


E-bay purchases for mom’s newest hobby. Weaving!

Yarn for first weaving project


Old hobbies, favorite summer snacks and rare indulgences.


On the agenda for tonight


Cooperative babies 🙂


Littlest ones




Our family has joined the local YMCA. It is brand spankin’ new and state of the art. I took my very first yoga class today. It kinda kicked my ass. I will feel it tomorrow… or perhaps later today 🙂

This was for lunch upon returning home. It’s one of my favorites.


Mini sweaters can take forever to finish too


1. Mini Sweater, Stockinette side, 2. Mini Sweater, Stockinette side, 3. Mini Sweater, Reverse stockinette side, 4. Mini Sweater, Reverse stockinette side

Pattern: Glampyre’s Boobholder/Mini Sweater

Yarn: Cotton Fleece, color Cavern

Needles: Size 6 & 3 (garter stitch bottom and sleeve edging)

If you weave in your ends carefully it’s reversible!

This should have been finished in one or two  days but it dragged on for a week. I had to rip back about two inches to get this fit. I carefully wove in the ends and attached the buttons this morning.  It’s reversible! I may even prefer the reverse stockinette side.

I wore it all afternoon and evening while running around buying the kids summer clothes. With the boiling temps here, I couldn’t put it off any longer. It’s hard work shopping for four little people. I’m ordering my things online, I don’t think I could take another day of this.

Some stranger's feet


Some stranger’s feet, originally uploaded by Lulu C..

I have used the same shade of polish on my toenails for the last … I don’t know how long.

Every time I look down at my feet with this new shade painted on my toes I can’t help but think they no longer belong to me.

They belong to some stranger who doesn’t realize grown ass women can’t pull off pink toes.