I am weak

I am powerless against books. My oldest son, the one who wreaks the most havoc on my sleep, spent Friday night with my dad. I expected him home yesterday so I knew staying up until the wee hours wouldn’t be wise so I resisted starting my new book. When my dad called at about 8 p.m. and said he was keeping him another night, I cracked open New Moon. I was three quarters of the way through by 2 am. I expected them early so I tore myself away a little before 3. I’ve just finished, with many interruptions, the remainder of the book. I’m fighting against myself in an effort to stay away from the bookstore. It may be a losing battle. I’m only number 3 on the library hold list for the next book so maybe I can wait. Maybe?


2 thoughts on “I am weak

  1. I sometimes do the same thing! I don’t have small children requiring my attention, so it’s not necessarily a big deal for me to lose a little sleep over a book. But for you, it speaks volumes (ha ha) about your love of books that you would be willing to sacrifice sleep over them 🙂

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