Testing 1, 2, 3

I’m test knitting the Lauri Dress pattern for Lily Go. So far, so good.

 Test knitter

I’m a little beyond this point now. I’m stash busting too! Although that means the “will I run out of yarn?!?!?” hammer is hanging over my head waiting to swing. Also, I have a very hard time following patterns exactly. Mostly because of the distractions I have and my inability to judge length by eye. If the pattern says to knit 2 inches I will be at 3 before I think to measure. I have been diligent in following these instructions though.

I’m making a size 2. The girl wonder twin is only 15 months and on the small side for how large this is looking while on the needles. I’m thinking it will fit Missy like a baby-doll top for now though. She is very slender and long and looks great in everything that suites that build. And it’s pink so she may actually wear it 😉 Children can be very deceiving though, the GWT may end up with it after all.

I bound off on the body of my Silky Steek Sweater.

Silky Steek Sweater

But it’s too short (and not quite this eye searing in person). I may rip back to make it cropped like this version of the Marilyn NSS cardi. I’m also debating leaving it as is and blocking it longer. I’m correct in my assumption that the silk content will cause some stretching…yes? Any how, it’s on hold while I power through the test knit so I have time to think.

Our Direct TV is out, the satellite must have blown over/away or something, and I am cranky about missing Bones 😦

So I’m off to watch a movie and knit.

 Oh… I almost forgot.

I was baffled as to why my fingertips were dry and sort of cracked. This post alerted me to the dangers of knitting with silk blends. You learn something new every day.


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