Drinking Kool-Aid

A lot of blogs talk about kool-aid dyed yarn, but do any of you admit to drinking it? No I thought not 😉

I’ve been knitting. A lot. If I added up all of the stitches knitted/crocheted in the last couple of weeks I could have made an afghan. But all I ended up with was lots of tangled yarn, some of which landed in the trash.

I needed stockinette in the round and I needed it fast.

So I’m knitting the silky wool I’m supposed to hate on size 5’s with plans to steek it into a cardi. I may punk out and have a snazzy red pullover.

Knitting on size 5’s is not so bad.

I could get used to it.

I am job hunting and interviewing.

It’s scary.

Any New Yorkers who may be reading please forward all of the part-time job info that has been secreted away to me.


Now I will exercise restraint by not drinking any more kool-aid at this late hour.



7 thoughts on “Drinking Kool-Aid

  1. I’m looking for a job, too. Good luck to both of us! Not sure if you want to work in a yarn store, but sometimes KnitNY on 14th & 2nd needs help.

  2. My kids don’t know what Kool Aid is. I just can’t drink all that sugar anymore. My husband tells me I’m not in touch with my roots if I don’t drink Kool Aid, lol!

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