More things I want to remember

  1. Today when I came in from on of my “must get out now!” excursions I found the hubby and kiddies singing and dancing with the stereo turned up loud. I normally frown on loud music but the excitement was contagious. I jumped in. Singing and dancing along while I made dinner.
  2. Son #1 has developed three habits. He has been calling my husband by his first name. He sounds so very cute while saying it too. He has been saying the word pulchritude. He also tries to spell it. This is no doubt the result of several viewings of Akeelah and the Bee.  Their are worse words he could say. Like shit. He has no doubt picked this up from me. I say shit many, many times a day. When something is spilled, when I drop something, when I bump into something. You get the picture. I thought I was mumbling it under my breath, but these children have the most amazing hearing.                                              I should have known better.
  3. Son #2 would make a fantastic gymnast. He is freakishly strong. I mean really, really strong and flexible. He has either turned over or climbed out of every thing we have bought to contain him. I fear he is very close to getting out of his crib. We can only put him on the floor and get out of the way. He has great muscle memory, once he figures out how to do something he can repeat it instantly, getting faster and faster each time.
  4. Missy asked me if it was okay to daydream at home once she finished her homework. She said that she knows she shouldn’t have been daydreaming at school while copying her homework, but she was just trying to think of what pictures she was going to draw when she got home. I admitted that despite being an adult, I still daydream a lot. She smiled at me in response.
  5. Daughter #2 has cornered the market on spunk in this family. In her short life she has all ready learned what some adults never have, survivor instincts. She is the smallest and the slowest right now but she does not let it stop her from leaping into the fray and taking what she wants. She lets me know in no uncertain terms when she wants my attention and she makes sure she keeps it by being heart stoppingly cute.
  6. I bought a box of Ritz crackers Monday at about 8:15 am. The entire box was gone by Tuesday night. I bought another Wednesday evening and it is more than half empty all ready.

3 thoughts on “More things I want to remember

  1. I love turning on the stereo Saturday mornings. We have radio on the TV so you can pick from 100 channels or something & I almost always pick Old School Rap & my kids are like “WHAT is that?” LOL. I’m like “it’s either this or big band swing.”

    #5–it’s usually the younger ones who really learn EARLY how to stick up for themselves, good for her!

  2. I luv hearing your family tidbits!! :o)
    And you know something I can eat a whole entire sleeve of Ritz in one sitting with soup! LOL

    Hope you have a great week!

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