On Writing Vagina

I guess the title makes you think that this post probably has nothing to do with knitting.  Well you would be wrong. There is knitting right here

 Hexacomb Cardi, CU

There. Now that that’s out of the way 😉

I have been reading. A lot actually. I finished a few books in the last two weeks. The last one, The Vagina Monologues, I started and finished yesterday. I had seen the HBO special, I even auditioned for the play. (The audition, let me tell you, was god awful. But I challenged myself to do it and I was proud that I did, even if I did suck ass 😉 )

Anyway, the book. I read the entire thing from the foreword until the end and I’m glad I did. I realized that even though I am very aware of all of the issues the book touches on I had gotten very far away from it all and that is dangerous. I have daughters, and more importantly I have sons. They need to know as much if not more than my girls.  They all need to know to call a spade, a spade and a vagina, a vagina. 

The other book I dived into this weekend is Stephen King’s On Writing. This book is fantastic! Mr. K may write one hell of a thriller, horror, scare you shitless story, but he is also very, very funny. He could easily write a comedy. I love the stories of his youth and I adore the tales of how he met and fell in love with his wife. I am also learning a lot about writing that I’ve never learned in quite this way. I am going to have to buy this book to add to my collection, it’s a reference guide as much as a mini pep talk. I’m nearly done with it and once I am I plan to read it again and take notes.

I’m trying to put some of his practical advice to use all ready. I have been avoiding working on a difficult, too close to home story. I have been trying to force myself to write on something else and it just ain’t coming. My writing has to come to me. I need to get in the zone. I’ve been in the wrong frame of mind for the story I was trying to squeeze from my brain. So I will go now and write the story that is bursting to get out, the one that is making me lose sleep at night, the one that I am almost scared to tell, because that is the one with the truth in it.



3 thoughts on “On Writing Vagina

  1. SK is a fabulous writer! He and I share a hometown (Bangor, ME) and last summer when I was out interviewing for jobs, I was listening to On Writing in the car. I was at the part where he was talking about his high school antics, looked up, and there was the very high school he attended! Talk about synchronicity. Also, it’s not uncommon to see King chilling in the pub down town or at Borders. The people of Bangor know him and respect him enough to give him his space. But, I still think it’s totally cool when I have a sighting! 🙂

  2. I LOVE On Writing. There was a point or two where I was moved to tears (like when he was a dead broke young father & his daughter got sick & they had no money for medicine & the same day, a check comes in the mail). LOVED it.

    Sorry your audition didn’t work out. 😦

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